Nordic Design Style – Principles That You Will Find Interesting

June 23, 2021
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The Nordic design style is characterized by the use of natural materials and cool shades of pastel colors. This is a design style that is known to be closely similar to the Scandinavian interior design style. The only difference is that the Nordic design style has a slightly darker edge with the use of colors like blue, green, and gray. Add different textures and you will have a room that is comfy and spacious. 

Nordic design style – its origin

Nordic interior design style has its origin from the Scandinavian region. The style rose to popularity during the 19th century. This is the period when Arts and Crafts movement had influenced the interior design industry. Nordic design style became part of different design movements. 

During the 1920s, designers from the Scandinavian region incorporated the principles of Nordic design style to modernism. Though it took many years, it was in the 1950s when the Nordic design style was widely accepted. From 1954 to 1957, the design style was observed to participate in traveling exhibits in the United States and Canada. 

The characteristics of Nordic design style

The characteristics of Nordic design style have its great influence by the Scandinavians with a touch of German. It is a combination of natural and practical ideas that are observed from everyday objects. The design style features wood, plastic, anodized metal, pressed steel, and aluminum. 

Gray and white walls

The design style primarily features crisp, clean colors, such as hues of gray, white, and cream. The colors add beauty to any room and can make them appear clean. In addition to these, the materials make the furniture and other decorative items be the highlight of the room. 

Natural textiles and plants

Indoor plants are common with the design style. Experts also have suggested that the incorporation of plants gives benefits to the mind and body. In addition to these, the plants add attractive accents to your homes. Natural textiles like burlap, linen, and cotton are likewise recommended to further enhance the Nordic-inspired home. 

Minimalist kitchens

The design style is also known for its minimalist rooms. The kitchen, for instance, appears clear, solid-colored, and clutterless. The cabinets often appear flat, plain, and simple. The rooms are usually seen in white color. 

Dark grout lines

The use of dark grout lines can give any tile a touch of pop color. The bathroom and the kitchen can have an impressive look with dark grout lines. In addition to these, white tiles can give sterility and a clean look to the rooms. 


Add comfort and warmth to your room with the incorporation of a fireplace. This can create a visually comfortable interior with a clean and crisp appearance. As such, the fireplace can be the focal point of your home making it look more inviting and relaxing. 

Patterns and textures

Patterns and textures in Nordic design style are usually in a monochromatic style. As such, this can be an opportunity to add a color theme. Think of the monochromatic style as a blank canvas to paint your art.