Once A Teacher, Always A Teacher

March 24, 2022
Nursery Kiddie Alphabet Poster

You may have heard of the statement, “Those who can’t do, teach.” a rather popular sentence that we have heard over the years. Probably, for many people, teaching is a profession for those who have not become successful with their dreams. During childhood, your friends or parents might have asked what you want to become when you grow up. The answers were somehow common, such as becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer (although the kind of engineer may be vague), nurse, and many more. 

Parents do their best to give their kids the education they deserve to achieve those dreams. However, along the way, some things may have changed. Those kids may have discovered something better or may have experienced some unfortunate events with their respective families. Some may even have encountered financial difficulties. Dreams may be shattered because of these unexpected reasons. As such, people tend to choose another profession. 

Being a teacher is one of the career choices when they were not able to pursue their dreams. Many would disagree with this, but it is a fact. But what’s wrong with being a teacher? Is it a profession to look down to? Why is it that among the careers, teaching is probably at the middle or bottom of the list? Teachers have various reasons why they chose that profession or ended up in that career. 

If you think that teaching is an easy job, then you are mistaken. There are tons of things to do before facing your students. Preparing the classroom, for one, is one of the most important things to do so that the room will be conducive to learning. Teachers need to choose the right learning materials so that students will be able to learn effectively.

Teachers also need to prepare the lessons they have to teach. It is easy to just go in front of the class and lecture. But, are the kids learning? It is more of using methodologies that will help kids learn. Teaching is a skill and educators need the right attitude and state of mind to be successful. It is not rewarding when it comes to monetary benefits. The reward is actually felt when you see students become successful. 

Teachers also become instant interior decorators, especially those who are teaching in basic education. They need to transform the classroom into something amazing. By adding wall decors, the classroom becomes a learner’s paradise. Visual aids are often displayed on the classroom walls. Posters of alphabets, numbers, plants, and animals are shown so that teachers can use them during classes. 

Without teachers, who will train young minds to be who they will be in the future. Without teachers, who will encourage kids to go on with their lives even if it becomes tough. Sometimes you don’t need to have a teacher’s diploma to teach. We can be teachers in our own special way. Helping your friends with their problems. Teaching kids the facts of life. Tutoring a neighbor with their homework. Aren’t these actions noble enough to be called a teacher? Do you still consider educators to be those who do not have any other paths in their lives and teaching is the last resort?