Personalizing Your Home With Family Photos

September 27, 2021
Art wall 133

One of the spectacular ways to personalize your home is by displaying family photos. This may be quite easy but when done in the wrong way, you will be creating an eyesore instead of a compelling focal point. So, instead of keeping the photos in an album, try to unleash your creativity by creating a wall gallery for your family photos. 

Time to organize your pictures

Sometimes, family photos are just scattered in the bedroom. Gather them all, even those that are already displayed, and group them in one area. The area can either be a gallery wall, bookshelves, or photo ledges. As such, you will be creating a fantastic focal point instead of having them scattered around the room. The chaotic appearance of the photos can now be organized with a great result. 

Choose the right picture frames

The appearance of the focal point or photo gallery greatly depends on how well they are framed and displayed. Small frames do not look that appealing. Replace them with larger ones and it is better to use the same frame for all family photos. This will be of great help to highlight the photos displayed on the walls. Large mats will likewise highlight the photos.

A feature wall instead of scattered photos

Avoid having more than two areas in a room with daily photos displayed. For instance, if you already have a feature wall with a gallery of family photos, you can still add another area for the photos to be displayed. Examples are the nightstand or console table. Choose the right area in the room to display family photos. Do not overpower the whole room appearance with too many areas displayed with photos.

Family photos in grids

A collection of family photos in a grid of frames with mats will top it all. This arrangement is perfect for big walls. It is also important to choose the right frame to highlight the display. Extra-large mats can also highlight the photos, making them instantly noticeable once a guest enters your home. 

A kitchen gallery

The display of family photos is not confined in the living room alone. Be creative and unique by creating a wall gallery in the kitchen. Pick a spot where the photos can give your wall a fantastic appearance making the room look more perfect. 

Decorating the hallway with a photo gallery

The hallway may have multiple purposes. Decorating the wall with a photo gallery will make the necessary transformation. Impress your friends by creating a gallery of special memories. With the use of warm wood frames and clean white mats, you will have a wall that will look timeless, especially if the photos are in black and white

Fun-filled dining room with wall gallery

What’s the best way to entertain your guests while dining? Of course a wall with framed photos. This wall design will not only add life to the room. It will also serve as a conversation starter as the photos can give a nostalgic vibe. The layout can be anything as long as they do not overwhelm the room.