Poster Art Ideas For Kids

February 18, 2021
Nursery Play Typo poster

Styling the kids’ room is one of the many adventures that you can do with your little ones. Adding life to their room can be both simple and complex and greatly depends on their preference or personality. The use of posters is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a vibrant and appealing room. Posters will likewise add character and style that your kids will love. 

Choose trendy art for a stylish room interior

Decorating the kids’ room may be a little different from transforming the appearance of the other rooms of the house. When it comes to selecting the prints that would be added, keep in mind that the posters need to be bright and colorful. These kinds of posters will create a cheerful and lively room atmosphere that the kids may enjoy throughout the day. 

There are many poster prints available in the market. However, not all designs can be added to the room as there are some age specifications. For instance, the designs available for the toddlers are different from those of the nursery or the teenagers’ rooms. In general, poster designs are simpler for younger kids as compared to older ones. 

Every age group has its own choice when it comes to color and design. Little kids prefer bright and vibrant poster designs. On the other hand, older children may also love the same color scheme, but many may choose posters with subtle shades. 

If the room already has an existing design, the prints must blend well with it. Try to visualize the project and come up with a plan on what poster art to purchase and display in the room. The colors and the image of the prints must complement the theme and design of the room. In addition to these, the images that you will choose for the prints must have a sense of optimism as certain colors and designs may promote aggressiveness to children. 

Posters for the nursery

Babies are not yet able to appreciate colors and designs. Their sense of sight is also sensitive to anything loud. This is true when it comes to the overall appearance of the poster prints. Decorate the room with prints that have subtle colors such as unicorns and fantasy animals and characters. 

Prints for toddlers

Toddlers already have their favorites when it comes to colors, cartoon characters, toys, and others. For instance, your child may love teddy bears and you can add posters that feature their favorite toy. You can also add prints of their favorite cartoon characters so that they can match the toys that they have. 

At this age, you can already start teaching your children with the use of educational posters. Prints that feature alphabets and numbers can both be used as learning materials and as aesthetic elements. 

Posters for school children

This is the age when kids start to become creative. They now start to have hobbies and decorating the wall with prints that stimulate their interests is ideal. Moreover, educational prints are also recommended to help them with their learning. Examples are prints of animals, letters, numbers, solar system, nature, and others. Posters that are commonly seen in the school can likewise be displayed in their room for home education. 

Teenage poster ideas

Teenagers are versatile and probably volatile individuals. They tend to have different interests and sometimes may choose the prints and room designs that would best fit their personalities. Choosing the prints together will also help you know and understand your teenage kids well. When both of you agree to the same prints, the result will be spectacular. 

Teenagers are interested in various things such as cars, sports, the solar system, nature, and science fiction characters. Thus, adding prints that feature these themes will stimulate their interests.