Poster Boards – How To Choose The Right One

May 17, 2021
Orange tone half circle poster in interior

Poster boards are a very useful and interesting tool to display your presentations and other displays. There are different materials for every venue and they are guaranteed to give you the result that you have been looking for. 

Display board or poster board is a kind of material that is rigid and strong enough to stand on its own. Together with quad charts, poster boards were an early form of fast communication developed by the National Weather Service of the United States Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

What are poster boards?

Poster boards are used for displaying posters and other flat printed materials. They usually come in large sheets and in different colors. They are usually used to support photos, sheets of paper, glitter, letters and other small light items to be displayed. In addition to these, poster boards can be recycled and reused easily. Walk around the neighborhood and there is a high chance that you will see a good quality poster board. They are commonly seen in drug stores, office supply stores, classrooms, restaurants, and others. In schools, poster boards are used to promote events, science exhibitions, poster presentations, and others. 

Poster board sizes and colors

These boards come in different sizes, but they are commonly available in 22 x 28 inches, which is close to an A1 size but larger than A2. They also come in a variety of shades and colors, which also include neon colors. The sizes available are ideal for displaying projects and highly recommended for smaller student presentations. The medium sized poster board measures 24 x 36 inches and is used for displaying larger projects and allows a trifold to make it smaller. The standard size though is 22 x 28 inches but it is too small for a trifold project. If you are doing a presentation, 36 x 48 inches is recommended. 

Choosing the right poster board

Once the type of paper to be used has been determined, you can now choose for the type of poster board to mount it on. There are different poster board options to consider. This includes foam, gator, museum, or corrugated board. 

Foam Board is commonly used for presentations, usually during your high school days. Foam boards are meant to only be used once as this will become less sturdy. This type of board is available in black and white and available in 3/16 inch and ¼ inch thickness. 

Gator boards are sturdier and can be used repeatedly. It is more expensive than foam boards though. These poster boards are available in black and white and the largest mount capable is 48 x 96 inches. They are also available in ¼ and ½ inch thickness. 

Museum boards are thinner than the other two and have a double-sided mount. This poster board can also fit into most frames. 

Corrugated Board is weather resistant and can be used outdoors. It has a honeycomb shape and can be staked into the ground. 

If you want your board to be more protected, you also have the option to laminate them. The type of poster board does not matter. Lamination protects them from elements and helps them to keep their form. In addition to these, your poster board will have an extra layer of gloss.