Poster Prints and Canvas Prints – What Are They?

September 23, 2022
Nuetral Tone Illustrations Collection Poster Bundle in Interior

If you are planning to have a wall decorating project soon, then you are probably thinking of what to display on the walls. If you are planning to hang eye-catching photos, you sure have to choose between canvas and posters. Before choosing what to use, know the difference between canvas prints and poster prints. Read on and let us take a closer look at the difference and similarities between them.

What are posters?

The display of posters is one of the most affordable ways to spruce up your walls. The designs of the posters are usually replicas of art printed on paper. Posters come in various sizes and the biggest can be a banner. In addition to these, the paper can be glossy or matte and both can give a big impact on the entire room. 

How about canvas prints?

Canvas prints are not paintings. Contrary to what many people think. These are images that are printed on canvas fabric and hung on walls. The surface texture may be similar to paintings and they offer the same acrylic vibe. Depending on your preference, the canvas can be in polyester, linen, cotton, jute, or hemp. Once the image is printed, they are stretched on wooden frames and stapled at the back. Canvas prints have higher quality images and carry every detail of the original photo. 

What are the differences between canvas and poster prints?

Let us start with the origin. Both poster and canvas prints are products of lithography, however, posters are closely associated with the initiation of chromolithography. Next are the materials used in both types of prints. This was mentioned above in which posters are printed on paper and quite delicate as compared to canvas prints. Canvas prints are sturdy, durable, and resilient. In terms of their prices, canvas prints are more costly than posters, since you are using fabrics of different kinds. 

Which is better?

Of course, both canvas and poster prints have their respective pros and cons. Canvas printing companies will surely promote their products and tell you that theirs are better than the others. Posters on the other hand can help create compelling walls that are worth flaunting on social media. In artdesign there is a wide range of designs available that can transform your walls. From black and white prints to personalized posters, there are trendy designs that will complete your wall decorating project.