The History of Posters and its Evolution

February 16, 2021
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Posters have been the trend for many years when promoting an idea, product, service, or event to the public. Posters usually contain text and graphics to make them attractive to people. These days, posters can be used for different reasons. The history of posters has helped shape what they are today. They are used as advertisements, wall decorations, and others. Posters are used to reproduce famous works of artists to decorate the walls

How it all began

Posters have been displayed for public viewing for over 200 years. Poster prints are designed to catch the attention of anyone. They are usually displayed to raise awareness of political views, promote certain products or services, and invite people to events. The modern posters that we know today can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century, when printing technology was improved with color lithography.

Over the years, posters became recognized as an art form that attracted artists of different levels. Poster art comes in different styles, such as Art Nouveau, Symbolism, Cubism, Art Deco, and Bauhaus. During the early days of poster making, it was observed that they appeared in pure texts. The history of posters even showed its evolution. The appearance changed with the invention of lithography in 1796, followed by chromolithography. Then, posters in vibrant colors were mass-produced and patronized by the public.

The age of poster prints

By the 1890s, posters were widely used in Europe, mostly to advertise products. Poster artists like Albert Guillaume, Leonetto Cappiello, and Henri Thiriet are known for their art form, which was used in magazines for advertising and political purposes. It was different, though, in the United States. The advent of the traveling circus brought vibrant posters to announce their arrival. 

During the end of the First World War, illustrated posters were widely used for recruitment and commercial purposes. During the Second World War, posters were distributed by the USA and displayed in post offices. The purpose was to provide information on the distribution of gasoline and food.

Different poster designs

Many of us are aware that posters are used for many reasons. Manufacturers and different businesses use posters to advertise their products or services. Posters are also used in the film, music, and tourism industries

Posters were used to recruit servicemen during World War 1 and World War 2. You can still see these types of posters today as souvenir items. They were also used as tools for propaganda and motivation. 

The film and television industry likewise depended on the use of posters. Vibrantly colored posters of major films also became some of the favorite collectibles. These kinds of posters are even worth a fortune these days for collectors. 

The hospitality and tourism industry advertises and promotes different travel destinations with colorful and artistic prints. These posters feature famous travel destinations to attract guests and increase the revenue of the government’s tourism and hospitality industry. In addition to these, many other industries depend on posters for their respective purposes. Examples are events, sports, entertainment, business, broadcasting, and education.