Rainbow Love an artwork by JoeAbad

July 16, 2021
Rainbow love poster

A colorful poster design that will shine in your room. If you are looking for a perfect artwork that can personalize your room and add a vibrant atmosphere, this art is the answer to your needs. A trendy poster design that will not only add beauty to your room. It will also tell a story about love and friendship. 

How to add color to your room

Adding colors to your room is quite easy in contrast with what many people think. If you do not want any commitment, you need not also have to paint the entire room or buy new furniture pieces to punch some colors. There are also affordable ways to make your rooms vibrant without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas that you may find interesting and worth trying. 


One of the easiest ways to add life to your rooms. Cover your sofa with it or you can simply throw in some accent pillows. You may also opt to cover a lampshade, add table runners, hang curtains, and others. 


The use of flowers is the easiest way to add a burst of colors without overhauling your room. With a vase of flowers added into a room, you will see the big impact it does on your space. Flowers add life that is incomparable with the other decors. Flowers are also one of the best choices if you want to experiment with colors. 

Artwork and prints

The artwork you choose need not be that expensive. In fact, not all will empty your pockets. Original works of art are of course expensive. However, posters, photos, framed textiles, decals, and others are affordable and can easily be purchased. What makes these items more interesting is the fact that they can add a theme without any hassles. Abstract art, for instance, can instantly add colors and personality to your space. 

Window treatments

Just like artwork, window treatments are a great way to add color to a room. However, window treatments can be a little costly but there are also affordable ones. You can add simple-looking ones or extravagant-looking window treatments. If you want to go bold, choose something wild with lots of colors in it. This can likewise add a fun and exciting ambiance that you will surely love. 


Accessories like vases, throws, pillows, or a bowl of fruit can add color and personality. 

The artwork – what it is

This is a colorful artwork that will make a wonderful accent on your walls. Time to spruce up your rooms and style your walls. This art can easily add a burst of colors without any complications. An interesting artwork that features two individuals. This art is a Picasso-inspired design that will make any room look extraordinary. Add fun and excitement to your rooms and make them look inviting. 

Time to spread the love and make any room look extraordinary. An interesting poster design that will surely add a burst of colors. If printed on a large scale, this art can simply create a focal point that will be loved by anyone.