Recycled Materials To Decorate Your Home

July 21, 2021
wood poster frame from artdesign

The use of recycled materials plays a significant role in decorating any living space. This includes conceptualizing and designing the interior of the room. Many may not be aware, but the use of recycled materials is being utilized by many commercial and residential structures. As such, the concept evolved through time. Many homeowners have used and still are using recycled materials not only to help preserve the planet but also to create captivating interiors. 

Interior decoration and the environment

Over the years, pollution has posed a great threat to the existence of humans and other living things. Pollutants can almost be seen everywhere. The accumulation of pollutants can be alarming since they can lead to detrimental effects on health and the environment. Different groups are even established to assist humanity in alleviating the crisis. We can also do our share in saving the planet even in simple ways such as segregation garbage. 

The 3 R’s are known worldwide and the fundamental principles are being used in interior design. The goal is to minimize the waste that every household produces. Recycled materials can be used in different ways and there are tons of inspirations that you can use in your home. With creativity and imagination, you can have a compelling interior appearance. 

Recycled materials and your home

Recycling is defined as converting what we consider as wastes into something useful. Every country can produce tons of garbage every day. Many of this rubbish can in fact be recycled and created into something useful. These materials can also be converted into useful energy wherein many people may benefit. Below are some interesting ideas that you can use to create an extraordinary home.

Decorative suit jackets

Old suits and jackets can be recycled by creating pillow coverslips. Make it more stylish by making an alphabet pillow and using the jacket as a cover. 

Wooden picture frames

Any wood can be repurposed into something remarkable. Create a frame to display your artwork, posters, and others. The wood can give your interior a rustic appearance for a more comfortable and cozy atmosphere. 

Coffee sack basket

Old coffee sacks need not be discarded or kept in storage. Create a stylish basket made from coffee sacks. You can use the basket to place any items, especially magazines, towels, and others.

Quilt coasters

Old quilt fabric can be styled into something useful so no need to throw them away. Create a fabric quilt coaster that will look great when placed on the table.

Milkcrate stools

Milk crates are made from durable plastics. Create stools by adding wooden legs and cushions to make them attractive. These will surely be loved by both kids and adults. 

Wall decals

It is a fact that most kids love to draw. In many instances, you will see them scribbling, drawing, or painting on the walls. You can avoid these by keeping them busy and allowing them to draw on old fabric wall decals. Let them practice their imagination and creativity in decorating the wall. As such, these activities will help them develop their skills and boost their confidence as they see their outputs displayed on the walls of your home. 

Old wallpaper

Not all wallpaper from the roll will be used in covering your walls. There will always be scraps that you can use to make instant art. You can use these scraps to make lampshades, privacy shades, or gift wraps.