Restaurant Design Trends This Year

May 12, 2022
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While food and drinks are the main attraction of your restaurant, it is important to consider the overall appearance of your establishment. The way you decorate your restaurant is critical in boosting the business. Whether you are looking for more revenue or expanding the business, there are certain aspects of interior decoration that you need to consider. Here are some of the decorating trends that you may want to incorporate into your restaurant.

A warm welcome

Every guest loves to have a good welcoming vibe whenever they enter or even before entering a restaurant. Even if you do not have any staff that will greet your guests, the appearance of the entry is critical at this point. This part of the restaurant should be inviting and attractive. Add seats for guests who are waiting for tables. 

Pick and add a theme

The interior should be captivating and guests who are dining must have a memorable experience. This is why choosing a great theme for the restaurant interior is vital. Decorate the interior with elements that will not confuse or overwhelm your guests. The decorative items must be cohesive and blend with each other. In Japanese restaurants, the tables, chairs, windows, wall art, and even the utensils must enhance the Japanese theme that you have chosen. 

Add indoor plants 

What’s so special about indoor plants? Aside from making the interior look great, plants have a long list of benefits to the environment and health. They are proven to be mood boosters and remedies for anxiety and stress. Add plants on shelves, walls, and ceiling. 

The beauty of accent wall

An accent wall is another remarkable idea as this draws the eyes of your guests. This is also a great spot to feature the name of your restaurant as well as to highlight your brand color and personality. 

Table for how many?

While the whole world is still battling the pandemic, more people are so hungry for connection with their friends, loved ones, and colleagues. It is therefore recommended to allot tables for communal eating. This arrangement can likewise be used for other functions, like team meetings, company gatherings, and family dinners. 

Let there be light

Walk around the neighborhood, malls, or business districts. Most likely, you will see establishments that are illuminated with various kinds of lighting. Incredible light fixtures can evoke big changes and effects on the overall interior appearance. Just make sure that the lighting you add enhances the image of your brand and the theme of your restaurant. 

Feature different art

Depending on the theme that you choose, display art that will enhance the interior appearance. Some bars prefer to display works of local artists. Sports bars, on the other hand, display posters of any sports-related images, such as popular athletes and sporting events. Fine-dining restaurants often display classic art, abstract art, or nature-inspired art. Whatever, the art may be, the important thing is that they make the wall look unique and interesting. 

Use chalk 

Chalk is versatile and temporary so you can use it in various ways and to your heart’s content. It can be used for welcome signs, menus, memo boards, and others.