Seascape or Mountainscape – Your Choice

March 29, 2022
Limestone and Crystal Seas poster

If you are planning for a getaway this summer, then there may be a lot on your list. You do not even have to leave the country for the vacation you deserve. Throughout the year, we have been hectic with our schedules. From the deadlines that we need to beat at work, to the errands we have to accomplish at home. Our plates may sometimes be overflowing with things to do that we tend to forget to take a break to destress and recharge ourselves. 

In the Philippines, there are a lot of travel destinations that can meet our needs. You can choose from a wide range of places. Depending on your budget and availability, there is always the right vacation spot for you. For many of us, there are only two types of places to go. It’s either the mountains for some adventure camping or the beach for a cool and refreshing break. Whatever the choice is, the goal is to go on a furlough. 

Going on mountain climbing is not for the faint of heart. Depending on the mountain that you would like to try, it takes a lot more than just the desire and love for nature. We know that getting close to nature is one of the keys to rejuvenating. However, you also need the strength and stamina to move up and reach the summit. If you have done this trip when you were at the right age, then you must have remembered the very first time you tried this activity.

Starting from the foot of the mountain, you will see yourself about to take on some of nature’s challenges. You will walk for some kilometers with gears that weigh almost the same as you. This is why it is highly recommended to pack lightly. Take only the things that you need. The most important stuff to have are water and food. Believe us when we say that you will need them a lot on this trip. 

Traversing the hiking path is fun and exciting. You will have the opportunity to breathe pure and clean air along with the sight of luscious greens. Walking up the path will also give you the chance to meet other hikers. This trip will also make you feel how to be on top of the clouds and see the world from another angle. 

Seeing the mountains and being part of it is a new kind of adventure. The fun and excitement are at a different levels. The adrenaline rush is unexplainable. Some of the best mountains to climb in the Philippines are Mt. Halcon, Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Pulag, and Mt. Apo. 

On the other hand, if mountain climbing is not your thing, then you may choose to go to the seas and beaches. Having 7,100 islands, the country is filled with beach resorts and diving sites. The sophisticated details, such as underwater rivers and cave formations add an element of exotic adventure to your vacation. The dry season or summer is considered to be the best time to visit these paradises. Therefore, start planning your vacation between November to April. 

All beaches in the country are captivating. Along with breezes and soft sand, they have something remarkable to offer that cannot be seen in other countries. They are simply stunning and you can feast your eyes on caves, corals, and marine life. 

So, choosing between the two may be difficult at times. Why suffer when you can have both of the best worlds. With the different modes of transportation we have, reaching your chosen destinations will not be a problem. Only by going to these places, you will truly say that the Philippines is rich in beautiful places and biodiversity.