Simple Steps to Create your own Wall Gallery of Poster Art

February 17, 2021
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The addition of a wall gallery to your home is one of the simplest ways to bring style and personality. It is highly recommended to any room as it can create an interesting and unique focal point. With a little imagination and creativity, you will be able to transform any plain-looking wall into something extraordinary.

Wall gallery and your home

Creating a wall gallery is a wonderful way to add beauty to your home. In fact, it is a growing trend these days. It adds appeal to any plain-looking wall and creates a focal point that can add character and style to any interior.  

In many instances, wall art like this is treated as a last resort in interior decorating. This should not be the case as wall galleries must be planned well to create compelling wall art. Creating a wall gallery does not need to be complicated. It is all about the combination and connecting all the decorative elements together. 

This can be done through some experiments in mixing and matching. It also features your personality, just like any artist who is painting their masterpieces. Wall galleries can be created with the use of photographs, art, or poster prints. It is also recommended to have them framed for a more striking appeal. 

Steps to take for a stunning wall gallery

Here are some steps that will help you with your home decorating project:

  1. Get inspirations, collect, and choose your style

Every project needs a starting point. There are times that this may be a challenge as there are many ideas to consider. You can check different interior design references such as books, magazines, and websites for inspiration. Once you have identified where and how to start, add the art that you love. Frames are also important as they enhance the poster prints.

  1. Pick a theme

Once you have a collection of art, it is recommended to group them according to themes. Examples are Nature, Black and White, Nursery, Minimalist, and Typography. The colors of the prints must also blend with the decor of your room. If this may be overwhelming, you can simply pick the poster art that will make you happy. 

  1. Design a layout

This can be done by first placing the framed prints on the floor and arranging them according to your preference. This step will give you a bird’s eye view of how they will appear on the walls. This will also give you the chance to add or reduce the poster art that you are planning to hang.

  1. Start hanging your framed prints

There are times that hammering the first nail on the wall may be intimidating but with good planning and preparation, everything will go smoothly. Use a pencil to mark where the nail will go through. After all the nails have been appropriately placed, you can now hang the frames. It is also good to have a tape measure and a level so that errors will be avoided. 

Now that every poster that you love has been displayed, it is time to mix and match with other decorative items.