Stunning Wall Accent You Can Do In Your Home

January 28, 2022
Art wall 244

Wall accents are always in trend and these days, they look and feel better. Try blending color, texture, and tone and be able to create a space that will change your life forever. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you will be able to create a wall that can be the focal point of your room.

Paint the walls

Of course, the most common way to add life to your walls is by painting them. It is common to see walls with only one color of paint. However, think bolder and add style with stripes, circles, chevrons, or any design or pattern you prefer. All you need are some additional materials like painter’s tape, a pencil, and a level.

Use what already exists

Before finalizing your plan of adding accents on your walls, see if it already has any existing structure or decor. Some homes may have a fireplace present that needs to be dressed up. This can be done with colors, paneling, stonework, and others. 

Create a feature wall

Time to bring out all the photos you have kept over the years. May these be in the album or in your hard drive, they can be displayed to create a feature wall of memories. Have them in frames and arrange them in a layout that fits your taste. Not only that the photos are able to create a nostalgic atmosphere, but they will also look great as an accent to your walls. 


Fabric can be used to create a funky wall accent. What makes fabric perfect is that they come in different colors and are affordable. Choose a selection of coordinating fabrics and wrap them around sturdy cardboard or very thin wood or plastic squares. Stick them on the wall with the use of double-sided mounting tape. 

Cover with wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the most common wall coverings that is used over the years. These days, wallpapers are easier to install and even easier to remove. This makes it one of the preferred wall coverings. 

Wall murals

Another impressive wall covering is wall murals. These are innovative wall decors and come with different designs or images. Just like wallpaper, wall murals are easy to install and will surely be loved by all members of your family. 


Posters are great! They are affordable and made from high-quality materials. You just have to choose the right shop to order since there are those that print art on not-so-good materials. There are also numerous designs to choose from and they can easily be matched with any interior design style that your space has. 

Tile your walls

Tiles were once thought to be used only in particular places like the bathroom and kitchen. Nowadays, tiles can accent almost any wall due to the wide range of styles and sizes available in the market. When used in the kitchen, tiles can be used as a backsplash along a wall and can be stretched to the ceiling. 


Stickers are easy to install, yet some may be difficult to remove. Just like posters and wallpapers, stickers come in many designs. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to have compelling wall art.