Teens Love Wall Decors Too

November 7, 2022
Blue Elegance Art wall

Parents often describe their teens’ bedrooms as ground zero for an apocalyptic event. Though this may be quite exaggerated, we, too, once were teenagers. Clothes are everywhere, books and magazines are scattered, drawers are left open, and personal care products are not in their proper places. 

The teens’ bedroom reflects who and what your children are. Their room may be a sanctuary where they can freely do what they want. Of course, there is no absolute freedom as there are still house rules they must follow. 

Their bedroom is a place where they can relax and study. As parents, we can assist and guide them in their endeavors and problems. We can show and make them feel their importance and tell them about changes happening to their bodies and surroundings. Try to engage them in different activities, such as interior decorating projects. Decorating their rooms can be a great start to letting them decide what’s best for them. This would also be a great way to spend quality time with them.

Wall decorating tips for the teens’ room

Decorating your teenagers’ room is fun and exciting as there are many possibilities to make it look fantastic. Here are a few tips that you can follow to complete the project successfully:

  • Think about the colors and lighting, as these will give their rooms life. This can be done once the style of the room has been finalized. Before buying paint and wall coverings, it is recommended to use extra-large paint swatches. Moreover, the room’s lighting can highlight the wall. The use of pin lights or cafe lights is recommended as well as the use of dimmer switches.
  • The use of wallpaper is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to cover the walls. There are many designs to choose from; these can give your child’s room a statement they will love. 
  • Allow your teens to choose the photos that they want to be displayed. These can be photos of your family, friends, or others. The images may be framed or taped in a trendy fashion. 
  • Display trendy posters as various poster designs can be added to the walls of their rooms. You and your teens may choose from different themes to help set the right ambiance. Depending on the design of the print, they can also add color and life to the room. 
  • Install shelves where they can display their toys, action figures, books, and other collections. Neutral-colored shelves are highly recommended, as they can blend easily with any wall color. 
  • Wall decals are widely available and can even be purchased online. The good thing about these wall decors is that they are easy to install and are not sticky compared to regular stickers. As such, the paint on the wall will not be damaged.

Home decorating projects are not just about beautifying your homes. It is also about spending quality time with the family. Getting your kids involved in the planning up to the actual project is a great way to help them with their creativity and resourcefulness.