The Beauty of Industrial Design

June 24, 2022
Metropolitan area poster

Old factories and industrial spaces. Are they still appealing or a space that is considered musty, old, and creaky? The industrial design style is topping the news these days. Many homeowners and designers are transforming lofts and old buildings into beautiful living spaces including apartments and houses. 

When people think of the industrial design style, people think of oversized metal windows, unfinished wood, and visible bricks. Though the design style in urban areas, it is also employed in many rural places. So what does it take to achieve the design style? Here are some inspirations on how to be successful in decorating your home with the Industrial design style.

What is the Industrial style?

Industrial design style refers to the fuss-free interior appearance that is inspired by the lofty look of warehouses, factories, and industrial buildings. No need to be critical with finishings as bare bricks, metals, and untreated woods look appealing themselves. Designing the interior is as flexible as it can be. 

The style will allow you to customize the look with furniture and decor that can give a unique style. The most important thing is to create an interior that is cozy and comfortable. It is recommended to employ furniture pieces with simple design and upholstery in neutral colors and natural textures. 

A brief history

Experts believe that the Industrial design style started in the early 20th century. It has become more evident during the 2nd Industrial Revolution. A time when many factories closed and moved to different countries. As a result, many industrial structures were abandoned. Seeing this as an opportunity, architects and designers converted them into living spaces.

With the use of necessary elements, one can be successful in achieving the design style. The use of materials such as furniture made from wood, aluminum, iron, steel, tin, stone, and copper is encouraged. It is also common to see distressed metal elements, wooden floors, and bare steel beams. 

Decorating the walls to enhance the style

In addition to bare walls, visible pipes, rustic metals, and worn-out wood, the addition of industrial-inspired art will complete the design style. 

Trendy posters like nature-inspired prints, architecture posters, patterns, and classic art are great designs that can help achieve the style. These can also create cool and awesome wall art that can be the focal point of any room.

Poster art in black and white can set a comfortable and airy room that is expected in an industrial design style. Moreover, posters that feature various infrastructures, and industrial materials are highly recommended if you want to be successful with your interior decorating project. 

What makes the design style more fun and exciting is the fact that your imagination and creativity will be harnessed. It does not need to be costly to decorate. You can start with material that can be seen in your storage rooms and trendy and affordable art that can finish the job.