The Beauty of Watercolor Painting

May 24, 2022
Turtle Poster in interior

We have seen various arts over the years, but watercolor paintings evoke an incomparable beauty. You may have your own descriptive words when you see one. For us, the words can be legendary, beautiful, WOW! Watercolor has an inner beauty that pulls anyone in. This medium offers rich, vivid soft, and soothing tones. It is also considered to be one of the accessible and versatile art forms that can turn any plain paper into remarkable artwork. 

Watercolor painting likewise has different characteristics that are good to know, especially if you want to try watercolor painting. Just like in any painting, these factors are important for you to turn any plain paper into something monumental.


The natural beauty of watercolor is based on its luminosity and transparency. When mixed with water, it gives the water-soluble pigments or palette its transparent with pastel-like properties. Once applied, it allows the whiteness of the paper to highlight and enhance the luminosity of the painting. 

Staining and non-staining paints

Applying watercolors immediately penetrates the fibers of the paper and stains it. On the other hand, non-staining watercolors stay on the surface of the paper and can be lifted when dry.

You can test watercolor before using them. Paint a patch of color and let it dry. Then try to scrape off some paint with a stiff, wet brush. The staining quality of the paint is determined by the amount of pigment that remains. 

Granulating quality

Depending on the pigment, the particles in the paint may be considered to be heavy or light. The particles of watercolor paints are heavier and tend to separate from the water. Granulating paint adds interest and texture to a painting. 

Fugitive and non-fugitive paints

Fugitive paint tends to fade quickly while non-fugitive paints will not fade over time. This element determines the longevity of the art. Thus, it is important to use good quality paint so that the art will last longer. 

Final thoughts

Watercolor paintings are among the popular art that has been created over the years. They have certain effects on the overall art that may be considered unique as compared with other forms. The colors they create with the blending easily distinguish watercolor painting over the others. The beauty is even enhanced with the stroke, depth, and subject. The art is even taught during primary years, in which kids are given the tools needed to create their art. Sometimes other tools are added in addition to the brush. Kids can create art based on their imagination, and how simple it may be, but one can easily distinguish that watercolor is used. Some of you may also be familiar that even vegetable cut-ups can be used to create art on plain paper. This is one of the amazing things about watercolor – its versatility.