The Color Red and What You Can Blend With It

January 9, 2023
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Now that Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day are fast approaching, we may opt to add the color red to our interior and even to our exterior. Red is one of the primary colors and is described in science through the wavelength the color possesses. It is also the color associated with the two holidays mentioned above. There must be something about the color that makes it valuable to traditions and beliefs. However, too much red can overwhelm us and may not be visually suitable for our homes. Here are some colors you can use with red to make your room look more captivating and ready for the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

The enigmatic red

Red is considered warm and is associated with our physical needs and the will to survive. It is also a masculine color, as can be seen in products for men, which are packaged with red as the dominant color. Red signifies spirit and leadership qualities, which promote determination and ambition. Whatever it is associated with, red is powerful and beautiful. Red blends well with any style, such as traditional, eclectic, and modern styles. Remember that red can go everywhere from cheery and happy to angry and aggressive. This is what you need to keep in mind when using red in the interior. Too much may be an eyesore, and you should know when to stop using it. 

Use these colors to blend with red

Imagine that you are wearing a pure red shirt. Try adding some accessories with contrasting colors so you will not be an eyesore to others. Here are some colors that blend well with red and can highlight it:

  • Sunflower – a sunflower shade of yellow blends well with an interior in red. It evokes an impression of having a vibrant and lively room. The color blend helps in creating a very bold, striking, and personality-filled room.
  • Midnight – one of the best combinations of all time is black and red. A room with a foundation of these two colors can always be striking, no matter what decor you add.
  • Navy – navy can balance and mellow red. It can create a stylish and youthful appearance in the room.
  • Fuchsia – fuchsia and red may seem the same color with different shades. The combination will provide a monochromatic and layered look. The combination can evoke a sophisticated look.
  • Cream – creamy white can likewise mellow the red color of the interior, creating a sophisticated and easy atmosphere in the room.
  • Green – cherry red can match the grassy green and create a trendy and hip style.
  • Plum – a combination of red and plum can create a very sultry and sexy appearance. It evokes a feminine look and a sweet environment.
  • Chocolate – chocolate and red may not seem to go with each other at first, but the reality is that this combination evokes a feminine and chic room atmosphere.
  • Turquoise – turquoise and red create a room that is vibrant and full of life.
  • Mango – a combination of this color and red is great for kids’ rooms.
  • Almond – almond is a traditional color for a room, but paired with red can give you a pair that can be family-friendly.
  • Bubblegum – shade of pink does not go well with many colors, but with red, it can be unique.
  • Dandelion – dandelion yellow with a punch of red can give a friendly welcome in the house.
  • Gunmetal – gunmetal shows an industrial-looking room. Red accents can make an artsy appearance in the room.
  • Gold – grandeur and luxury. These are what the red and gold project is. Ideal in the dining room and other formal areas. It may be classic but timeless as well.
  • Olive – paired with red, can give a traditional look to the room.
  • Charcoal – a combination of charcoal and red can show masculine energy.
  • Blue – when blue is mixed with red accents can create fashionable energy.