The Elements of Interior Design

May 31, 2022

When designing or decorating a space, it is important to consider the 7 key elements to make it look balanced. Read on to learn more about these elements and how they can help you achieve a striking and stylish living space. 


The first thing that a decorator or designer will do is conduct an ocular visit. Knowing the overall size and the positions of doors, windows, and others is vital for a smooth design. A living space that is filled with furniture pieces is called a positive space, while an empty one is known as a negative space. A balance between the two makes the room look inviting and cozy.


A line brings structure, creativity, and a sense of direction. There are three types and these are horizontal, vertical, and dynamic. Horizontal lines are commonly seen in tables, chairs, and other furnishings. Vertical lines are common in doors, windows, and other tall structures. While dynamic lines invite activity, such as the staircase. 


This element refers to the shapes of the room. This may be the shape of the whole room, including the furniture, decor, and light fittings. Forms have two types: geometric and natural. Geometric forms are anything that is man-made, such as furniture pieces. Natural shapes, on the other hand, are organic, such as plants


Light sets the mood in any living space. Whether it is man-made or natural, a balance of both is needed to ensure a good atmosphere throughout the day. Lighting also influences the choice of colors for the space. 


Colors make any room look vibrant and lively. They can be used as a complementary or contrasting element. They are often based on color psychology to ensure that the right mood is set in the room. 


Adding texture also means incorporating depth and interest. Two types of texture exist: visual and actual. A texture that is visual refers only to the appearance, while actual textures are both seen and felt such as velvet. 


The use of patterns can add interest and excitement. Patterns are defined as any repetitive decorative element.