The Right Color Scheme For Your Room

December 30, 2022
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Add beauty to your interior with an exciting color palette. Colors are what must be considered first when doing a home makeover. With the right color palette, decorating choices will be much easier, and you will be able to bring harmony to your room interior. 

Color wheel and interior design

A color wheel is an abstract representation of color hues around a circle. It shows the association between the different types of colors. Fundamental knowledge of the color wheel will give you an idea of the resulting colors when they are combined.

The color wheel was invented by Sir Isaac Newton through an experiment in 1666. Over the years, the color wheel evolved and has been studied by many experts. Colors affect the mind, body, and spirit differently. There are two color groups, warm and cool colors.

Cool colors can soothe the mind and body. Examples are blue and green. Warm colors, evoke energy and intensity. Rooms used for activities and recreation are recommended to have orange, red, and yellow. 

Adding colors to the kids’ room

Choosing a suitable color scheme for the kids’ room may be challenging. It all starts with your children’s personalities and preferences. Color combinations can create a wonderful vibe that your little ones will love. 

  • Purple, pink, green, and blue are ideal for making the kids’ room fun and exciting. These colors can make it appear stylish and trendy. They can likewise create a vibe that is energetic and kid-friendly.
  • Purple and pink – are the colors that girls love. Girls of any age will surely enjoy these colors as they enhance the feminity of the interior.
  • Red, white, and blue – boys love these colors, and the color scheme offers limitless possibilities in decorating the interior. Why do they love colors? Many superheroes seen in films and comics are seen in this color combination.  Bring out their inner superhero instincts and have fun with them while playing and studying.
  • Tangerine and blue – these colors can help you create a modern-looking room interior, especially when blended with the right shade of blue. Create a theme along with this color scheme. Examples of pieces that you can add are racing, surfing, and skateboarding. 

Perfect colors for the bedroom

Since the bedroom is primarily used for sleeping and resting, it is recommended to use a cool color scheme. Various shades are needed to achieve a room conducive to sleeping and relaxing. Shades of blue have been shown to have calming effects, and individuals who sleep in blue bedrooms get more sleep than those in other colors. 

The ideal colors for the bathroom

Neutral colors like white, when combined with other colors, can have effects that are not overwhelming. In many homes, the bathroom is dominated by the color white, as this color represents good hygiene and cleanliness. The combination with warm colors, on the other hand, can create a bathroom that looks fun and trendy. 

The right colors for the kitchen

The standard colors used in the kitchen are white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green. These colors can create a warm and enticing room atmosphere appropriate for cooking and eating. Warm colors, such as red and orange, have been observed to stimulate the appetite. Combine these colors with white, and you will have an energizing and stimulating kitchen interior. 

Color combination for the living room

In decorating the living room, experts recommend using one color on walls and different shades of color for the furniture pieces. For example, different shades of green for the sofa and side tables and walls painted with dark midnight blue will have a dramatic and elegant effect. 

Floral prints can also make the living room look more attractive. Fabric and posters that have floral patterns can create a positive and rejuvenating effect. Pair this with a pastel-colored sofa and chairs, and you will have a vibrant and fun room interior.