The Style Of The 60’s – The Psychedelic Era

July 26, 2021
Light colors brush stroke poster

The decade of the 1960s is probably one of the monumental turns in the history of mankind. A period that is filled with surprises and accomplishments. Many would describe the decade to be psychedelic, idealistic, euphoric, and transformative. Colors tend to be a little exaggerated when it comes to fashion and design. People then lack inhibitions in terms of expressing themselves. 

It is a decade where there are also been changes in design styles. They focus more on towering style with mixtures from different influences. Interior design styles highlight decorative items that boost visual impact regardless of the rules in interior design. 

A brief history of the 1960s design style 

The decade is one of the dynamic eras in the history of mankind. There are different events that occurred during the decade that made differences to the culture and tradition of many countries. Peace and war are on the brink that can make or break a nation. The west is bombarded with civil protests, the Vietnam War, assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, The Cuban Missile Crisis, and the landing of the first man on the moon.  

The 60s is more about flower power, pop music, and patriotism. Anything groovy can be observed in almost all places. It has also plundered the past for inspiration for the spirit of rebellion. These events have greatly influenced the design industry as there are mixtures of ideas to come up with interesting and compelling designs. 

Interior design styles were considered to be a ragbag of designs. The ideas and designs of Andy Warhol and David Hockney are gaining popularity as people see the uniqueness in the appearances of murals and posters. The designs represent the mass culture as represented in comic strips and the iconic Marilyn Monroe designs. 

Design ideas of the 1960s

The events during the decade have greatly influenced the design industry. There are many creative and artistic ways to successfully achieve a 1960s look in your home. Walk down memory lane and try these ideas in your home.

The use of bean bags

Relax and have fun with your family and friends by placing a mattress, cushions, and bean bags. Not only are these items functional, they can also add life to your rooms and make them look more lively and dynamic. 

Allow the free flow of air

An open floor plan allows the wind to circulate freely. This is also true with the entry of natural light. These can be achieved with the addition of sliding doors and movable screens. These structures can also create partitions that can be functional and appealing. 

Plastic furniture

The material that is common during the decade is plastic. Plastics are used to manufacture almost any item during the decade. Display furniture made of the said material and the recommended design to achieve the 60s look is futuristic and space age. 


Fabric designs should have repeating patterns or with the graphic images of pop art.

Light source

This is the decade of lava lamps, neon lights, and Moroccan-inspired lamps. These items can illuminate your space in a unique and fashionable way. 


Though wood is not that popular during the decade, the use of pine wood has gained its popularity. They are commonly seen as wall paneling ceiling beams. 

Color scheme

The use of vibrant colors, such as red and purple will take you back in time. These are the colors that make the decade psychedelic and groovy. In addition to these, the use of black and white colors can balance everything, especially in the bedroom and living room.