Things To Consider When Choosing Poster Frames

March 2, 2022
Customized frame

Looking at different interior design books, magazines, or websites will give you interesting ideas on how to personalize your space. Decorating walls is probably the most common way to customize any room. Homeowners often use framed photos, prints, or souvenir items. Using poster frames to hang wall art is one of the easiest ways to start your decorating project. 

When it comes to frames, there are many styles, materials, and aesthetics available in the market. In fact, the option can be limitless when choosing the right frame. Read on to know more about poster frames and how to choose the right one for your living space.

Frame materials

Many frame manufacturers use different materials in creating a poster or photo frames. The most common materials used are metal and wood. Metal, for instance, has wide color and finishes options. They are likewise durable that may last for years when displayed on your walls. 

Aluminum is lightweight and affordable. They are readily available in many stores and designed to be appealing and stylish. Bronze is an alloy heavier than aluminum. The drawback is that bronze tends to oxidize over time and requires maintenance. Silver and gold are likewise durable and ideal for displaying any art. Being precious metals, homeowners may find this more expensive than the other types of frames. 

If you want your home to look more natural, then wood is probably your style. The option is wide and there are many categories to choose from. Natural wood is the most traditional material and comes from different varieties of trees. MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is a processed product made from wood particles. It is less expensive than natural wood, heavier than aluminum, and offers consistent coloring or grain pattern.

There are also protective coverings that need to be added for the art or print. Glass and acrylic are the most common choices. Glass is heavy and may break if handled incorrectly. But many designers choose this material as it is the most transparent and may keep your artwork looking new for years. Acrylic on the other hand is lighter than glass and more durable. But it does not offer the same clarity as that of glass. 

Type of frame

Choosing the frame type is as important as choosing the art itself. Frames can have significant effects on the overall appearance of the wall or even the room. You may choose from various styles to have the desired effects on your walls and room. Examples are the standard picture frame, deep-set picture frame, beveled picture frame, and gilded frames. 

Hanging framed art

Hanging your framed art or posters requires little skills in leveling and with the use of measuring tape. Before hanging framed art, consider outlining the proposed arrangement or layout. The center should be at about eye level. When hanging groups of framed art, it is recommended to picture the installation as one piece rather than as individual components. 

Final thoughts

In choosing the right poster frame it is recommended to consider a combination of size, style, and price. You may also consult designers to be sure of what you want for your home. It is also best to be creative and see various references if you want things to be personally done.