Things to Remember Before Starting a Restaurant

July 11, 2022
Bar Cafe Poster

Filipinos love to eat. This is a fact that we cannot deny. Walk around your neighborhood and you will surely see good food being sold. You can find restaurants anywhere or even street food on every corner of the street. On holidays and any other occasion, food takes center stage in every celebration. There are always reasons to gather around the table and enjoy sumptuous meals. 

For over 2 years, we have been suffering from the pandemic. Many establishments have closed because of the unpredictable lockdowns. This includes many small and medium enterprises like certain bars, restaurants, stores, and others. However, the resilience of Filipinos helped them survive this dilemma. Online selling became a hit and work-from-home setup became a trend. What was sold online? Almost anything! Check various social media platforms and you will see all sorts of items and services offered. 

Now that the COVID19 pandemic is somehow being controlled, businesses are opening again. You may be planning to put up your restaurant business over the years but are not sure if you are up for it. Here are some tips on how to start a restaurant business and be successful with it.

The name of the restaurant

Think of a name that both reflects your restaurant concept and something that sticks to your mind. It should be a word or three and will stand out in conversations and on search engines. This means that you need to be creative and innovative when coming up with a name. 

Layout your business plan

This is used to outline the business, especially the projections for the succeeding years. Without this, you will not know the path you will be taking. Business plans explain the details of how to operate your restaurant before opening it to the public. 

Choose the right staff

As an entrepreneur, you need to have people who will be part of your success. Hire hosts, servers, cooks, dishwashers, cashiers, and others. Do some research on their job descriptions and the number you need to hire. 


A restaurant requires the right location, staff, equipment, and other resources. As such, you will need money to complete this project. Be sure to list everything that you need before starting the business. If money becomes a problem, then you may have to deviate from the original plan. Better yet, look for some sources to achieve your dream. 

The right location

Location is critical to making your restaurant a success. It should be visible and can easily be spotted from the street. Pick a location where people usually pass by like a public transportation terminal, near offices, parks, or near the neighborhood. Be sure that your customers will have a place to park.


Once you have established the concept of your restaurant, you need to know and study the food trend. Be sure that when planning the menu, it coincides with the theme of your business. Consider all kinds of customers, and to do this, you need to prepare the menu, especially for them. Vegans, kids, the elderly, and meat-lovers, are the people who will make your restaurant business a success. Plan carefully. 

Promotion and marketing

Spread the word! Plan on how to promote the existence of your new restaurant. These days, different social media platforms are the heart of many businesses. You can work with influencers, friends, and restaurateurs to promote. There may also be groups in your respective communities that can help you with this endeavor, so join them. Participate in different activities like food tasting and food festivals. These will help a lot in introducing your restaurant to the public. 

Permits and licensing

Before opening the doors to the public, be sure that you have secured all the proper licenses and permits. Depending on the city or municipality you are in, you need to follow some steps to have everything legal. Check out the requirements from your local government. Do some research and act on them fast. Processing these documents may take some time. 

Target customers 

In dealing with the target customers, you need to consider some metrics like income level, age, and lifestyle. For instance, are they students who usually hang out with their friends? Or professionals who will have to do some work with their laptops while enjoying the food. This means that they need to use the table for some hours after their meals. Will they be able to spread the word that your restaurant is already open? Once you know the answers to these questions, then you have a clearer vision of the type of restaurant to operate.


It is vital that you know what your competition is. Go around the area and visit as many restaurants as possible. Looking for the preferences of the customers and learning the strengths and weaknesses will give you a competitive advantage.