Time For A Cool Change

May 13, 2022
Lady in safari no. 1 poster

People are afraid of changes especially if we are indefinite of what lies ahead. Sometimes we tend to stay in our comfort zones and avoid anything that is new. With the fiasco of the Philippine pre and post-election periods, the country will be facing another transition that many may accept and others may fend off. The colors that you campaigned for and supported may have won or lost, but that’s the reality in our country. These are life’s little challenges that we need to accept.

Work, work, work!

What else do we need to do to boost the economy? Of course do well with our jobs. Getting a job and continuing with our respective work can help the country. That’s a fact you can’t deny. Some may have taken a little break from the hustle-bustle in their respective companies, but do remember that we need to eat and feed our family. If you own a business, then that is awesome! You can earn limitless income and help others as well by giving them jobs. 

Beautify your surroundings

Since when we were young, we have been taught that beautifying our surroundings is vital for our health and the environment. Walk around the neighborhood and chances are you will see litter disrupting the natural beauty of our streets. Is this the scene that we want our kids to witness? As simple as segregating the trash is a big help. Let us admit that we are too undisciplined when it comes to environmental sanitation. We are too bombarded with laws and information about the environment that we forget the most important aspect and that is sustainability. Humans are the biggest contributor to its demise and we continue to harass it even with little acts of spitting on the ground. Don’t you think we need to change our ways now? Think about it!

Changes in your home

Sometimes it takes a little furniture rearrangement to change how you feel. We have been on lockdown for quite some time. As such, this extra time at home may lead to feelings of boredom, depression, or solitude. However, we cannot let these feelings engulf us. Experts believe that rearranging our home interior, especially the furniture pieces, can help us feel better. The process may also provide feelings of satisfaction, accomplishment, and triumph. 

Personalize your surroundings

If you feel a little dull with the appearance of your room, then do not be afraid to change its design. Needless to say, there are tons of ideas that you can do. Start with the walls as a little something on the wall can give your room a total makeover. Personalized framed art, souvenir items, collectibles, and wallpaper are just some of the items that you can use to level up your room. What makes these items special? They instantly reflect the personality of the room’s owner. No need to empty your savings for some expensive items. Look for what you already have, reuse or upcycle them, and make your room look cool and interesting.