Top Interior Design Styles Of The Next Decade

February 21, 2021
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2020 has been a tiring and stressful year for all of us. Covid-19 has really changed our way of life as well as the future of several industries such as the design and construction industry. In fact, people in these fields may be unsure of what will happen in the succeeding years. However uncertain the future is, there is still a big hope that everything will be back to normal or even better than what we were used to.

Since many of us prefer to stay home to avoid the dreaded disease, we may have more time to upgrade the appearance of our homes. Here are the top 10 trends in interior design that you may use in the next decade.

Green is still in 

Over the years, the use of indoor plants has shaped different concepts in design. Oversized plants, for instance, have been one of the popular choices of many designers. The goal is to add a touch of nature to keep the homeowners connected with the environment. This design has proven to provide many benefits, particularly to the overall health. Any elements of nature can be added not only to make the interior look cool but also to make you feel great.

Furniture made of natural materials

Furniture pieces that are made from natural materials such as rattan and wicker are growing in popularity these days. They add to the rustic feel of the home and likewise help in making it look more comfortable and airy. These materials are usually used in manufacturing tables, chairs, carpets, and others. The good thing about these materials is that they can also create a modern-looking room interior. 

Avoid open-plans in the meantime

While it is true that open spaces provide a comfy and homey feeling, this may not be appealing these days. The idea is to create defined spaces while maintaining the fluidity and coherence between the rooms. This can be achieved with the use of windows and strategic sightlines. 

Arches add elegance to your homes

Archways may be an old architectural design. But still, the structure is preferred by many homeowners and designers. It is one of the trendy ways to add curves and shapes to your interior. Arches can also be designed with the use of paint or posters that feature arches. 

Study or work areas

Since many people stay at home for work or school, creating a nook for work and learning is a necessity. Create a nook that is not too formal and that can blend well with the other appearance of the rooms. Study or work nooks can be integrated with larger furniture pieces such as within closets or bookshelves.

Stairs and storage areas

One of the innovative and creative ways to make use of the space under the stairs is to utilize it. Space can be used as a storage area where you can keep all your personal belongings to avoid the accumulation of clutter. 

Multicolored bathrooms

It is common to see bathroom walls in plain and neutral colors. Making a colorful bathroom can be fun and exciting. This is also one of the ways to add life and beauty to the interior of the room. With the use of multicolored tiles, you can create a lively bathroom where you can enjoy your different personal hygiene activities.