Types of Wallcovering For Your Living Space

June 2, 2022
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In any living space, whether the office or your living room, wallpaper and wallcoverings are a great way to add color and texture to them. They create a stunning focal point and level up the overall appearance of your rooms. If you are planning to modernize your space or create a unique accent wall, then there are various ways to make a statement with wallcoverings. Read on to learn more about the different wallcoverings that you can use in your space.

Texture wallcoverings

These allow you to capture the appearance of your favorite materials. This may be a luxurious marble, rustic wood, or exposed brick. Texture wallcoverings can make any room feel extraordinary. With removable wallcovering options, you can achieve the desired look without the need for altering your walls permanently.

Wood wallcovering

Wood wallcoverings bring nature into any space and create an impressive backdrop. The natural grain and color of the wood are warm and inviting and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. 

Stone wallcovering

Stone wallcoverings are a beautiful way to create a contemporary space by adding a fresh design with simple color and tone. Install faux stone wallpapers to bring depth and character to the interior. You can also use this to create a feature wall in the bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, reception area, and office.

Brick wallcovering

Brick wallcoverings look like real bricks and these can help you add charm to the room at an affordable price. This wallcovering can make any room look stylish and trendy. There are many brick designs available in the market and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

3D wallcovering

This adds depth and details to any room. It gives an illusion to the eye of having more space. 

Bathroom wallcovering

Bathrooms are supposed to be clean and functional. The use of this material is one of the perfect ways to transform the interior appearance of the bathroom by adding color and personality. The wallcovering is durable and water-resistant making it safe to add in high-humidity spaces. You can choose any design from geometric prints to floral prints. 

Kitchen wallcovering

Make your kitchen wall stand out with the addition of lovely wallcoverings. You may choose neutral prints or bold and colorful patterns.