Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home With Greeting Cards

December 21, 2022
Christmas greeting card no5 with envelope

We have been accustomed to sending personal greetings and messages to our friends and loved ones through social media. Many of us have forgotten the traditional way of sending greeting cards. However, many Filipinos still prefer to make any occasion special by giving greeting cards. Significantly during the holiday season, sending greeting cards adds a personal touch by sometimes writing hard-to-say words. 

The good thing about greeting cards is that there are other uses besides keeping them in your personal belongings. Greeting cards can be used to decorate your home, and with creativity, you can make one that will boost your wall design. Here we have some inspiration that you can use to upgrade the overall appearance of your rooms. 

Frame your greeting cards

It is easy to transform your greeting cards into wall art. The simplest way is to frame them and display them in a particular spot in your home, like a piece of art. Group them accordingly, depending on the season, so you can create a theme that your guests will love. Personalize them by laying the greeting cards on a large frame and adding other decorations.

Decorate with a picture frame holder

Remove the backing and glass of a picture frame. Using duct tape, attach a ribbon horizontally across the back of the frame at least an inch from the top. Hang it on the wall and use clips to connect greeting cards. If you have more greeting cards, add more ribbons. 

Create a canvas art

Use a framed canvas and paint it with a color that contrasts the color of the wall. Gather all the greeting cards you have kept and cut out the pieces you want to use into different sizes and shapes. Attach the cutouts onto the painted canvas with canvas glue and hang the art piece. This will add pops of color to your room as well as texture and details on the walls. 

A wall Christmas tree

Gather all your Christmas greeting cards and arrange them on the wall like a Christmas tree. Add a star on top with gold, red, or green ribbons to complete the wall art. You will need washi tape, garland, and tacks in this wall art. These materials will also prevent any damage to your walls. 

Use your stairs

Decorate your stairsteps with greeting cards. This will indeed look great during the holidays. All you need are adhesive tapes that attach greeting cards to the stairsteps. 

String the greeting cards to a branch

Honor your loved ones who have sent you greeting cards. Hang them on a beautiful branch with some adornments to make beautiful wall art.