Use A Mood board Before Designing Your Home

August 23, 2021
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Before designing or redesigning your home, it is important to define your own style with the help of a mood board. Try to identify the style and things that you want. You may have a lot of ideas in your mind but can’t visualize them clearly? Read on to know and learn more about mood boards and how they can help you in creating an attractive and inviting room interior.

What is a mood board?

Mood boards are a collection of different ideas that will help you organize your thoughts and your plans in designing your home or space. It helps you focus only on the things that you need therefore being efficient when doing the project For instance, colors may be narrowed down to make the wall aesthetically appealing. This can also be done so that each element will blend with the other. 

Why use a mood board?

Mood board is important so you will have a bigger picture of the interior decorating project. As such you can have a clearer picture of what your room will look like after the project. It will also help you express what is in your mind so you will not have any difficulty in adding or removing items or elements. A Mood board is also a good starting point to get things done. It will help you successfully finish your project by collating your ideas.

Make your own mood board

The internet is full of ideas and inspiration. You just need to look for the right site where you can gather information. Browse shops, digital magazines, and other references for the style that best interests you. Do not forget to check books, magazines, brochures, and other references as they can also give you ideas that you can use. 

You can also collect samples of paint from stores as well as swatches for fabrics. Also, do not hesitate to take photos of ideas whenever you come across them in the places you visit. Who knows, they may come in handy when the time comes that you will design your space. 

The appearance of your mood board greatly depends on you. There is no strict rule in creating one. Be sure that the style you will be used is one that is comfortable for you. The easiest and traditional way is by cutting pictures from magazines or other printed material and sticking them in a cardboard or corkboard. 

Once you have gathered all the ideas on the mood board, it is time to refine it. See what will work for you and discard those that will not look great when used in your space. Add more if you feel that the ones on the board are not cohesive. For instance, if the colors do not blend with one another, you may add neutral colors or natural materials. Look at your mood board for several days and refine it until it becomes appealing. 

Final thoughts

Creating a mood board is a must before doing the actual project. Believe us, it helps a lot! There is no strict rule when it comes to the number of images to add. Do as you please as long as you achieve the appearance that will fit best in your space.