Wall Art For The Bathroom? Why Not!

February 21, 2021
Couple of B illustration poster

The bathroom can be your sanctuary. A room where you can do various activities. It is common to see bathroom walls that are colored with paint. Thus making bathroom activities dull and boring. Designing it with wall art can make the sanctuary look more fun and exciting. Read on to learn more about the importance of wall art in the bathroom. 

You and the bathroom

Bathrooms are among the most important rooms in the house. Just imagine a house without any bathrooms in it. Everything will be in chaos! The room is considered by many as a sanctuary where you can enjoy your “me time”, such as personal hygiene, rest, and relaxation. 

Little did we know but bathrooms also have a colorful history. Bathrooms can be traced back to around 3000 BC. During those times, bathing is considered to be a social activity that is practiced only by the rich. However, this social activity declined during the 16th and 18th centuries. As such, homeowners preferred their private space for their bathroom ceremonies. 

Why add wall art in the bathroom?

The bathroom need not be left behind when it comes to home decorations. As one of the most important rooms in the house, it also needs upgrading when it comes to home decorating. Decorating the bathroom, especially the walls, can instantly set the right mood while enjoying your “me time”. 

The walls play important roles in the house, both in structural and aesthetics. It may seem challenging when adding wall decors to the bathroom. Though it is common to see mirrors on the walls, other decors can be added to make it look more unique and interesting. Wall art can instantly add beauty to the room. The colors that they have also give life to any plain colored walls. 

Bathroom wall art ideas

Here are some interesting ideas that you can use to transform the overall appearance of the bathroom. 

  • Colors – in many instances, the walls of the bathroom are seen in neutral colors. You can add colors to the tiles you use. Multicolored tiles can make the walls look unusual yet with a boost that many will find interesting. However, if this is not your style, you can start with two contrasting colors to create a scheme that you like. 
  • White – this is the common color of the walls and will make the bathroom appear cool and classic. The color also makes the bathroom look clean and pure. In addition to these, white reflects natural light.
  • Mirrors – a stylish mirror on a frame is what your bathroom wall needs. If you have old mirrors, you can reuse them or upcycle them to save some cash for other decorating projects.
  • Posters – the use of posters is one of the trends when it comes to wall decorating. There are many designs available for the bathroom walls. Posters are easy to install and can instantly add beauty to your bathroom. Posters arranged in a wonderful layout can create an impressive wall gallery.

Final thoughts 

Decorating the bathroom will help you upgrade its appearance. It will likewise add value to your home. In adding the bathroom wall art, you just need to be creative in choosing the right color scheme, create a focal point, and customize it.