Wall Decorating Ideas For The Bathroom

February 18, 2021
Multi color lady art print poster

The bathroom is used for personal hygiene activities. This is also the room in your home where you can relax and enjoy your “me time.” If you think bathrooms are just simple rooms, you will be surprised that they also have a colorful history.

Bathrooms can be traced back to 3000 BC when most wealthy families considered bathing a social event rather than a personal hygiene activity. This practice, however, declined during the 16th and 18th centuries. As such, many individuals opted to have private space in their homes. 

Wall art in the bathroom? Why not!

Decorating the bathroom is similar to adding decors to your bedroom or living room. The bathroom is likewise important when it comes to interior decorating. Even if the room is small, adding decorative elements can give a big change.

Here are some ideas on how to make the bathroom look more interesting and compelling:

  • Add colors—Most bathroom walls are covered with neutral colors. Adding colors can make the room look more unique and personalized. For example, multi-colored tiles will make the walls look charming. Combinations of pink and white or purple and white will make the bathroom look elegant and sophisticated. 
  • Pure white—this color can make the bathroom look classic and timeless. White is also a symbol of purity and cleanliness. This color will blend well with the white ceiling and let natural light into the room. 
  • Mirrors—Adding a stylish mirror can bring life to neutral colors. You can reuse old mirrors for a trendy appearance. 
  • Graphic walls—Posters and various wall coverings can make the bathroom look more fun and exciting. The market offers a wide range of designs that best suit the room. Examples are animal prints, nature-inspired, abstract, and black-and-white themes.
  • Mix and match—give your bathroom a funky look with wall coverings designed with different patterns. You can add this on one side of the wall and tiles on the remaining sides. As such, you will add unique and interesting effects to the bathroom. 

These days, many choices are available to decorate any room’s walls. Adding wall art in the bathroom will create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Wall art can also have the best visual impact and satisfy anyone. It is also recommended to upgrade the appearance of the wall with various hardware such as towel bars, drawer pulls, toilet paper holders, and others. 

Trendy and affordable art for a lovely bathroom interior

Decorating the bathroom can be as easy as possible. Poster prints are now available to give the room an easy makeover. A wide range of designs will blend well with any design style in your home. Minimalist-themed poster art, for example, can create an airy and comfortable bathroom interior. These can also help you relax and enjoy your stay in the room. In addition, poster prints are more affordable than any other wall decor available in the market.