What is a Feature Wall?

September 19, 2022
Pop Surrealism No. 2 graphical poster in an interior

A feature wall is a wall that incorporates interest and energy into a room. This is because of the texture, color, and contrast added to the wall. This can give impact to the overall appearance and feel of the space. A wall that is decorated with a color or pattern can create cohesiveness. As such, a cluttered appearance is avoided. Read on to know more about feature walls and how to create one in your room. 

Why create a feature wall?

A feature wall can give any room a focal point and it can likewise give a space a refreshing look and feel. The good thing about creating a feature wall is that you do not need to redecorate the entire room since the wall can already give something fresh to it. Feature walls can be added to any room such as the playroom, dining room, living room, and bedroom. 

Choosing a feature wall

In choosing a feature wall, do not just choose one randomly. Study the architecture of the room and see which one captures the attention naturally. For instance, the wall where the television is attached or the wall where the sofa is. 

Create feature walls with different materials

The materials that you will be needing to create a feature wall can be limitless. Traditionally, the use of paint is the easiest and fastest way to make a wall look fantastic. If you are looking for something with a blast, then you can use other decors such as trendy prints, personalized posters, framed photos, fabric, and others. Natural stones can give the wall a natural texture and a feel of sophistication. 

Why some feature walls do not succeed

Painting the wall with bright colors is a thing of the past. Remember not all rooms or homes need a feature wall. If the design that you add to your feature wall is overwhelming then it can be a distraction instead of being a cool room decor. Another factor that makes a feature wall a failure is if the designs are outdated. 

Therefore, it is important that you carefully plan and execute the design. Check out various references for inspiration. In artdesign.ph, you will see interesting images that you can do to your home. Check out the poster designs from the collection and start pumping up your walls.