Why Choose Cats as Pets?

July 21, 2022
Galaxy Persian Poster by Local Artist Siara Gogh

Cats have been part of human lives from 10,000 to 12,000 years ago in Fertile Crescent. A place where some of the earliest civilizations started. Since then cats have served humans in various ways. When choosing a pet, not all of us are into dogs. Some people prefer cats to accompany them in their daily lives. Just like dogs, cats too offer great benefits to humans. Here are some fun reasons why owning a cat is important for us.

Cats are quiet most of the time

If you are concerned with the noise level in your home or apartment, then cats are a great choice of pet. As such, there will be no complaints from your neighbors. Of course, there will be times that cats will be able to knock down some items in your home, but overall, their silence is beyond comparable. 

Cats can be house-trained

When getting a pet, one of the dilemmas of owners is the process of house training. This is usually experienced when getting a new puppy. On the other hand, kittens usually know how to use the litter box. The only thing you need to do is to introduce it to them and they will use it when the need arises. 

Cats are usually independent

Cats will be there when you need them. However, they do not need your attention in many instances. They are capable of entertaining themselves and doing something when they get bored. Constant attention is for dogs, while you don’t need to do this with cats. 

Pest-free home with cats

Cartoons and other story books have taught us that cats like to hunt rodents. Little did we know that cats can also kill insects. It’s their instinct! Most cats enjoy catching bugs such as flies, spiders, and others. 

Cats live long

Pet owners, especially kids know that losing any pet is heartbreaking. The good news is, that cats have a long life expectancy. On average, they live up to 12 years. However, it is common for them to live beyond the average years. 

Felines offer great health benefits

It has been observed that cats provide a calming effect to their owners. Petting then and the sound of purring help people fall asleep. Studies have also shown that owning a cat can help lower blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack. 

Cats can lower the risk of having allergies

Several studies have shown that kids who are exposed to cats under the age of one were less likely to develop allergies. Being exposed to cats not only protects the kids from pet allergies but other forms as well, such as dust mites and grass allergies. 

Cats give psychological and emotional support

Cats are great companions. They give unconditional love, just like dogs. People who are in need of support significantly lower the risk of having depression and anxiety with cats by their side. Petting them can have soothing effects that calm the mind and body.