Vibrant water on beach canvas

Vibrant water on beach canvas

Impressive view of the beach in cool colors. Perfect canvas art for the bedroom as it can help in promoting good quality of sleep. The art is also ideal for creating a calming and relaxing room atmosphere. A view that will be enjoyed by your family and guests.

Aerial beach with vibrant trees canvas

Aerial beach with vibrant trees canvas

A unique and interesting way to add a touch of nature to your rooms. The display of the canvas is also one of the easiest and fastest ways to add a touch of nature to your home. This art is also a great decor to make any room look vibrant and interesting.

Autumn vibrant canvas

Autumn vibrant canvas

Autumn is one of the most awaited seasons as it signifies the fast-approaching winter. The canvas is one of the impressive prints from our collection. This can help create a cool and revitalizing room environment and will likewise help create a beautiful wall gallery along with other nature-inspired canvass.

Vibrant Night Tokyo Canvas

Vibrant Night Tokyo Canvas

See and witness the nightlife in Tokyo. The vibrant lights, colorful billboards, and happy individuals. Get the vibe to your space with this fantastic Canvas.

Single Vibrant plant Canvas

Single Vibrant plant Canvas

A plant in natural colors and white background. A simple yet interesting image of a plant that will give your room a touch of nature. The shades of green can easily make your room look more fun and interesting. A perfect canvas that will make any room look more comfortable and relaxing.

Make Your Homes Cheerful With Vibrant Colors

Illustration abstract shape and lines Canvas in interior

Through the years, experts have believed that colors significantly affect many individuals’ behavior. Generally, warm colors evoke a fun and exciting atmosphere in any room. Moreover, colors like red, orange, and yellow were known for bringing out the positive aspects of life. 

How do colors affect us?

Science describes colors as visual perception and categorizes them into different categories. Studies have shown that various chemicals are released from the brain when eyes connect with colors. These chemicals have particular effects on the physical and emotional levels of humans. 

These are the reasons why, in the world of advertising and marketing, specific colors are used to highlight the different products. Companies have used different color palettes in their packaging and promotional materials. For instance, orange is usually seen in restaurants since the color stimulates appetite. Red, on the other hand, brings out masculinity. Many products for men use the color to encourage men to purchase them.

Colors are also important in interior design. The use of colors is one of the critical factors in creating the right atmosphere in a room. Home interiors are often seen in neutral colors like black, blue, gray, and white. Unfortunately, these colors do not provide any health benefits compared to warm colors.

Why add warm colors this year?

Warm colors are in the red area of the color spectrum. In human health, warm colors are known to have positive effects. These colors evoke emotions that range from warmth and comfort to anger and hostility. These colors stimulate the body and create a happy feeling.

Cool colors are on the blue side of the color spectrum. Examples are blue, purple, and green. These colors are calming and relaxing. However, they also evoke a feeling of sadness. 


The color has the longest wavelength and is considered to be powerful. It can catch attention as compared with other colors. This is why red is used in traffic lights, as it evokes physical and psychological responses. 

The positive traits of red are courage, strength, warmth, energy, stimulation, and excitement. It was also observed that the color can stimulate circulation, thus increasing blood and oxygen circulation.


The color has a relatively long and stimulating wavelength. In color psychology, yellow is considered to be an intense color. The right shade of yellow can uplift the spirit and boost self-esteem, self-confidence, and optimism. On the contrary, yellow can promote the feeling of irrationality, fear, depression, and anxiety.


The color that results from the combination of red and yellow. This is another stimulating color that has effects on the mind. Orange also represents human needs, such as food, warmth, shelter, and sensuality. 

Check out our Abstract art collection and add vibrant colors to your rooms. 

Beautiful vibrant pink flower Canvas

Beautiful vibrant pink flower Canvas

A canvas with a lovely image of a pink flower. Create a fun and exciting room atmosphere with this trendy canvas. A romantic room that will be adored by your family and friends.

Vibrant thin palm leaves Canvas

Vibrant thin palm leaves Canvas

Palm Trees are a common sight that you see in tropical countries. A tree that is mostly associated with vacation and paradise. Palm trees have many symbolism and the display of this trendy canvas is one of the ideal ways to personalize your rooms. Beautify your walls with a nature-inspired canvas print and add life to your walls.

Believe It Or Not – Vibrant Posters Can Boost Your Mood

benefit of nature-inspired arts article by ardesign

There are various mood boosters that you can use to brighten your emotions. In a wall makeover, adding items to display on the walls can help boost your mood. As such, it is vital to properly plan the decorative elements and things that will be added to the walls. 

Good mood, good health

The mood is an emotional state, and there are only two types: positive and negative, sometimes called good and bad moods. Long-term negative states of emotion can likewise lead to pathological conditions needing professional help. Examples are clinical depression and bipolar disorders.

Therefore, an individual’s mood must be boosted to avoid cases like the ones mentioned. Mood boosters can stimulate the mind and body to promote good health. As such, many physiological and psychological functions of the body work properly. For instance, people in a good mood are rational and can solve problems logically. In addition to these, the creativity and artistic side are also boosted.

On the other hand, a negative mood can impair judgment and logical reasoning. A person in a bad mood may also experience depression, anxiety, aggression, and low self-esteem. 

Don’t be sad, boost your mood

Boosting one’s mood is not that difficult. Although there are times that this may be challenging, there are always means to promote it. Laughter is the best medicine as this is the most popular natural way to boost mood. Other methods exist, such as light exercise, meditation, good food, bright colors, and acupressure.

How to decorate your room?

It is a fact that the appearance of the room significantly impacts an individual’s mood. As mentioned above, the colors of the surroundings and the clothes you wear can help in having a good attitude. The colors of the wall also have a significant effect on one’s state of emotion. Here are some of the colors that you need to consider to uplift the spirit of someone, especially yourself:


As one of the warm colors, red can help boost the energy level. As such, adrenaline is released to increase heart rate and blood circulation. Thus, oxygen spreads faster through the body, and more cells are healed and repaired. 

Green and yellow

The colors of the sun and planets. Studies have shown that people who are surrounded by these colors feel happier. Adding shades to the interior, such as on walls, can help create a positive mood. Nature-inspired posters can quickly achieve the atmosphere that you need.


The color of the sky. Blue is known to be soothing and the color of the ocean. This is also the color preferred for you to have good sleeping habits. 

In a nutshell

Many homeowners and designers also add wall decor to set the right mood or atmosphere in the room. The display of poster prints is the easiest and fastest way to add beauty to any living space. Trendy posters have colors and designs that will help boost the mood. You may create a wall gallery of nature-inspired posters to add a touch of nature.

Bohemian-styled prints are also recommended, as these posters are packed with fun and exciting colors. In addition to these, posters are more affordable than other wall coverings. Framed posters, especially those with cool colors and durable materials, are likewise recommended. 

Vibrant pink shape abstract canvas

Vibrant pink shape abstract canvas

Simply beautiful art that can stimulate your senses. Abstract art of shapes can add life to any plain-colored walls. The display of this art is one of the fun and wonderful ways to boost the overall appearance of your room. A lovely art that is perfect in any room.