PAWtrait for a Cause

August 8, 2022
Photo competition for pets

For the second time in a row, Artdesign is holding another photo contest for our friends. Just as much as we enjoyed last year’s photo competition, we will surely have a great time with this year’s event! Artdesign’s photo contest this year will make you and your fur baby shine. With the theme, “Beautify Your Walls with PAWtrait of your Pets”, you will have the opportunity to feature the most loved photo of your pet in our collections. 

We know that there are thousands of pet lovers in the country who are more than willing to make their PAWtrait viral. It is easy to join! All you need to do is submit your entry and let your family and friends vote for it by sharing the link to your photo. 

In cooperation with Happy Pet, exciting prizes await the winners! The entry with the highest votes will get a large-framed print of their PAWtrait, a voucher worth Php 10,000 from Artdesign, and 5 packs of kibbles from Happy Pet. How about that?! Of course, just like in any contest, we also have some rules and restrictions to follow. As much as we want to accommodate all animals, exotic ones are not allowed. This is in accordance with the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of 2001 (R.A. No. 9147). 

What makes this year’s contest even more exciting is that we will be able to support a local animal shelter. Cez Yor and Rolf Temme’s Animal Shelter/Foundation is a privately owned organization whose sole objective is to save animals in peril. The group started only saving a few cats and dogs, and now they have over 100 rescued fur babies. The sad part is, that funds are a bit dwindling. We don’t want their initiative to cease because of this problem. As such, we want to be part of their mission. Your help is very much appreciated as we all try to make this world a better place to live. 

By joining this contest, not only that you will have the chance to win cool prizes. You will also be part of the history of Artdesign as we embark on another journey of helping Cez Yor and Rolf Temme’s Animal Foundation. 

Check out for the contest details.