Improve Your Home With Wall Decor

Upgrading and redesigning your home is complicated. You are considering more than just the aesthetics but also the budget. Though sometimes it may be expensive, there are creative ways to add value to your home without breaking the bank. One way to add value is by decorating the walls. We have some ideas on how to create wall decors that can increase the value of your home. 

The importance of walls

By definition, walls are structures that define an area, carry a load, and provide shelter. Walls like retaining walls, seawalls, solid fences, and barriers have their respective functions. The walls in houses play a role in both aesthetics and structure. 

Walls are needed by houses and other structures to support roofs, floors, and ceilings. They are also necessary to enclose any space. Generally, a structure has two types of walls: framed and mass. Framed walls are composed of structural, insulation, and finish. Mass walls are usually made from solid materials, including cement, log, and masonry. 

Wall decor and your home

In many instances, the walls are left plain with paint of the color of your choice. Though paint adds life to any wall, they often look dull. As such, homeowners and designers prefer decorating the walls to make them look more appealing and inviting. In addition, wall decors can add value to your home just like any other design and structural element of the house.

The focal point

Every home is only complete with a focal point. The focal point gives you something to look at whenever you are in a room. It can be a potted indoor plant, a large mirror, a painting, a photo gallery, or a large-sized poster. Focal points can give a glimpse of what to expect inside a home. A well-planned and designed focal point can capture the attention of anyone and will likewise add life to the walls. 

Color palette

Well-chosen wall decor can provide a color palette for plain-colored walls. Wall decors can finish the job and give the color palette you love.


Different wall decor items can provide a distinct sense of texture to your home. Posters that feature different themes can quickly complete the overall appearance of your walls. Abstract art, for instance, has a surface that will add beauty to the whole room.

Interesting wall decor ideas 

There are many ways to decorate your walls. As mentioned earlier, these need not be expensive. You can always reuse or repurpose certain items, such as the display of photos, posters, and paintings. 

In addition, you may also try other wall decors like stencils, canvas paintings, wall decals, floating shelves, framed chalkboards, tapestries, vertical gardens, and photo galleries.

Add Frames For A Perfect Wall Decor

Frames are used to protect the poster but also make posters more attractive and exciting. There are many frames to choose from, but the right poster frame will make a difference to any poster print.

Posters can make the interior of the interior. Many prefer posters to show their love for art and create a contemporary feel in their interiors. They are just tacked on the walls or stuck with adhesives. Frames can do so many things besides being part of a poster. Read on to learn more about frames and how they can be helpful.

Why add frames to your prints?

The use of posters is a cost-efficient way to decorate your walls. However, many people need help with using adhesives or tacks to install them. The truth is that these methods can do damage to the walls as well as to the posters. 

Poster frames can level up any average-looking poster and turn it into something extraordinary. Poster frames not only add to the poster’s beauty but also protect it from external factors in addition to protecting the walls. You also get the flexibility of quickly changing the poster you want to feature in the poster frame. 

The question is how to choose the right poster frame that will suit your needs. First, take into consideration the colors and styles. There will always be a poster frame that will suit every poster and every perception you want it to give off. For instance, an antique frame can give a classic look that can blend well with a recent picture to have a contrasting appearance. A bold-colored poster frame can provide a modern edge to your poster that can be eye-catching. A thin frame can also be used for a more subtle edging. In addition, size also matters in choosing the right poster frame. 

Tips for hanging frames on the walls

Hanging posters and poster frames on your walls is one of the easy ways to create a more stylish and personalized interior appearance. Here are some tips on how to properly hang posters on your walls to make them more attractive:

  1. Deal first drywall mounting. Monkey hooks are highly recommended for drywall and frames with wire backings. Do the measurements to the wall to have the poster adequately positioned. Using a stud finder to find the best area to hang the posters is recommended.
  2. Heavy posters can be installed with the use of a mounting hanger. It is also recommended to use wall anchors as these can hold heavy items such as televisions and mirrors.
  3. Hanging multiple posters can be tricky, but with adjustable poster hangers, you will be fine. The hangers can adjust easily so that all pictures can be leveled with one another.
  4. Learn how to tackle plaster, brick, and cement walls. Using these tools will make hanging posters easier. Use a drill to create a small hole before nailing a mount on plaster. 

Teens Love Wall Decors Too

Blue Elegance Art wall

Parents often describe their teens’ bedrooms as ground zero for an apocalyptic event. Though this may be quite exaggerated, we, too, once were teenagers. Clothes are everywhere, books and magazines are scattered, drawers are left open, and personal care products are not in their proper places. 

The teens’ bedroom reflects who and what your children are. Their room may be a sanctuary where they can freely do what they want. Of course, there is no absolute freedom as there are still house rules they must follow. 

Their bedroom is a place where they can relax and study. As parents, we can assist and guide them in their endeavors and problems. We can show and make them feel their importance and tell them about changes happening to their bodies and surroundings. Try to engage them in different activities, such as interior decorating projects. Decorating their rooms can be a great start to letting them decide what’s best for them. This would also be a great way to spend quality time with them.

Wall decorating tips for the teens’ room

Decorating your teenagers’ room is fun and exciting as there are many possibilities to make it look fantastic. Here are a few tips that you can follow to complete the project successfully:

  • Think about the colors and lighting, as these will give their rooms life. This can be done once the style of the room has been finalized. Before buying paint and wall coverings, it is recommended to use extra-large paint swatches. Moreover, the room’s lighting can highlight the wall. The use of pin lights or cafe lights is recommended as well as the use of dimmer switches.
  • The use of wallpaper is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to cover the walls. There are many designs to choose from; these can give your child’s room a statement they will love. 
  • Allow your teens to choose the photos that they want to be displayed. These can be photos of your family, friends, or others. The images may be framed or taped in a trendy fashion. 
  • Display trendy posters as various poster designs can be added to the walls of their rooms. You and your teens may choose from different themes to help set the right ambiance. Depending on the design of the print, they can also add color and life to the room. 
  • Install shelves where they can display their toys, action figures, books, and other collections. Neutral-colored shelves are highly recommended, as they can blend easily with any wall color. 
  • Wall decals are widely available and can even be purchased online. The good thing about these wall decors is that they are easy to install and are not sticky compared to regular stickers. As such, the paint on the wall will not be damaged.

Home decorating projects are not just about beautifying your homes. It is also about spending quality time with the family. Getting your kids involved in the planning up to the actual project is a great way to help them with their creativity and resourcefulness. 

Wall Decor Ideas To Fill Up an Empty Wall

Nursery World Map Poster

Whatever your decorating style, we have the inspiration that can add personality to your walls. There are endless possibilities when decorating your walls. With a few trendy and stylish wall decorations, you can make a house feel and look more like home. In artdesign, we have solutions that will complete your room decorating project. Read on to learn some ideas on how to fill up an empty wall.

Captivating wall gallery

It can be challenging when looking for posters or prints that will fill a blank wall. Instead of adding two large pieces, create a wall gallery. In creating one, you need to make sure that the pieces have something in common. Examples are wooden frames, neutral tones, black and white, or vibrant prints. This idea can help avoid mismatched and cluttered wall appearance. 

The rule of threes

In interior design, this rule suggests that groups of threes or any odd numbers are more appealing than even numbers. This rule can be applied in the living room by adding three pieces of bundled framed posters

Hanging shelves are trendy

There are many reasons why hanging shelves are preferred over traditional cabinetry. These shelves are sleek and can save up space that you can use for other things. The shelves can be used to display your favorite collections, posters, toys, books, and other decorative items. 

Add light with mirrors

With the display of multiple mirrors, you can create an effect that is not given by other decorative items. Mirrors can give an illusion of having a larger room and can reflect natural light inside the room. When placed across from a window, you will be able to increase the amount of light in the room making it look and feel more beautiful. 

Install stylish wallpaper

Wallpapers are not only used to cover the imperfection of the walls. These days, this wall covering can add style and personality just like any wall decor. The peel-and-stick application is perfect since the wallpaper can be removed without damaging the paint and the wall itself. 

Bring nature in

One of the simplest yet with a big impact is by bringing nature into your room. There is a wide range of decors to add, such as driftwood, dried branches, and the like. You can also add ornamental plants indoors as these will not only add beauty. Indoor plants can also help purify the air and minimize indoor air pollutants. A vertical garden is also a great way to give your home a touch of the outdoors. The natural color of the plants can also help keep the mind calm and relax the body. Nature-themed framed posters also give the aesthetics that you need. Add a few pieces to the wall of your bedroom or the living room and the effects are simply impressive. 

World map poster

If you are still undecided about what print to add, then for a map. Large-sized world maps can make great wall art. This poster design is timeless and comes in different varieties, In monochrome, the world map can give a rustic, classic, or minimalist vibe to your room. 

Textured Paint Accent Wall

Colored accent walls were a trend in the past. It is still in these days but with some improvements. Textured paint makes it look more contemporary and this can be done with the use of a sponge to add dimension. You may also use your brush which is dipped in two complementing colors. 

Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Botanical Boho Trio Poster Bundle

Empty walls have a lot of potentials and can be filled with anything that you may think of. With the right wall decor, you can make your house look and feel more like home. If you are looking for ways to make your walls the focal point of your room, then this article will be able to help you with your decorating project. Here are some ideas that will give your walls a refreshing vibe.

Display large art

One of the good things about ordering prints from a reputable poster shop is that you can request the size that you need. A large piece of art can instantly grab attention and set the tone even in a small living space. You can choose black and white prints to match a minimalist interior design style. Vibrant prints such as abstract art or graphical art can give your room a cheerful atmosphere. In the Philippines, large pieces can also be seen in many offices, restaurants, schools, and other public places.  

Create a wall gallery

A wall gallery can easily add personality and color to your home. If you have a collection of art, then do not just hide them in storage. The same thing goes for the photos in your album. These can be displayed in any room of your home to level up the wall design. Add frames that will blend well with the interior design style and the art. You can look at different references for the layout that will be perfect for your walls. 

Accent wall for an impressive effect

Decorating the walls is another way of leveling it up other than displaying objects. Use paint in bold and bright colors or you can choose wallpaper, stenciling, and decorative paint techniques. You will be surprised that these suggestions can give a big impact even on small spaces. 

Use fabric to create a focal point

Posters, prints, and wall galleries are not the only things that you can add to a fantastic wall. A tapestry of wall hanging can also add style and personality to the entire room. If you have old scarves or appealing textiles, you may opt to have them framed so that the final output will look like any artwork. 

Display mirrors

Mirrors can be useful in making the wall look remarkable and can likewise be functional. In addition to using mirrors to look at your reflection, they can also be used to reflect natural light and bring warmth and brightness to your space. When displayed in a small room, mirrors can make it look visually larger. 

Install hanging shelves

Hanging shelves are beautiful inventions as they can be used in various ways and can save space, especially in small rooms. With today’s trend in urban living, people usually have limited spaces. With hanging shelves, you can save enough space for your other furniture pieces or personal items. You can use these shelves not only for storing your belongings. These can also be used to display your art, prints, posters, collections, and other decorative items. When displayed on hanging shelves, any poster can give your room a modern touch.

Go green with nature-inspired posters

Green is one of the cool colors that can give any room a refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere. We understand that not all people love plants in their homes for various reasons. With nature-themed posters, you can still give your room the mood that real plants also offer. 

Customize your rooms with personalized art

If you think that the decors you already have may not suit your taste, then you can create personalized art that will really show and tell others who and what you are. In many instances, personalized posters are designed with an image of yourself, your family, or any of your loved ones.