Why Posters Reign Supreme in Living Space Design

Trendy Art Wall

While canvases and sculptures may hold a certain grandeur, posters offer a surprisingly strong case for being the champion of living space decoration. From affordability and versatility to fostering personal expression, posters bring unique benefits, transforming bare walls into vibrant showcases of personality and style.

Budget-Friendly Flair

Decorating a living space can quickly become costly. Posters, however, offer a breath of fresh air. Compared to original artwork or high-end prints, they provide a high-impact look at a fraction of the price. This allows experimenting with different styles and themes without breaking the bank. For renters or those on a tight budget, posters allow for creating a stylish and personalized space without feeling locked into a permanent, expensive decision.

Expression Through Art

Living spaces should reflect the personalities of those who inhabit them. Posters offer a fantastic avenue for self-expression. Movie buffs can showcase their favorite films, music lovers can celebrate iconic bands, and nature enthusiasts can bring the outdoors in with breathtaking landscapes. This ability to personalize a space with art that resonates with your interests fosters a sense of connection and creates a space that truly feels like your own.

Conversation Starters

Beyond aesthetics, posters can be conversation starters. A thought-provoking photograph or a vintage movie poster can spark discussions and create a more engaging atmosphere. Imagine guests commenting on a minimalist line art print or reminiscing about a classic film depicted on a poster. Connecting with others through shared interests adds another layer of enjoyment to your living space.

Adaptability on the Move

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes, living situations change. The beauty of posters lies in their ease of transport. Unlike bulky canvases or heavy sculptures, posters are lightweight and easy to pack. This lets you take your cherished pieces, ensuring familiarity and personal style in your new space.

A Window to the World

Posters can be a gateway to new experiences and broaden your horizons. Travel posters can transport you to faraway destinations, while historical posters offer a glimpse into bygone eras. This ability to bring the real and imagined world into your living space fosters a sense of wanderlust and curiosity, enriching your daily life.

In a nutshell

In conclusion, posters are far from mere dorm room staples. Their affordability, versatility, and ability to reflect personal style make them a powerful tool for transforming living spaces into vibrant, engaging havens. So, the next time you consider decorating your walls, remember the poster powerhouse. With a thoughtfully chosen poster, you can inject personality, spark conversation, and create a space that reflects your unique spirit.

The Beatles Minimal Pop Art Pose Canvas

The Beatles Minimal Pop Art Pose Canvas

The Beatles in line art for a classic yet stylish interior. A poster art that will make your room look classic. Featuring the legendary Beatles band that has captivated the arts of many people around the globe. They will forever be in our memories, especially with a poster displayed in your space.

Neon Rolling stone sign Canvas

Neon Rolling stone sign Canvas

The Rolling Stones Logo, also known as the Hot Lips Logo is designed by John Pasche for the band of the vocalist, Mick Jagger. A wonderful Canvas design that will boost the appearance of your rooms. With warm colors, your interior will have a fun and entertaining room atmosphere.

Decorating The Interior With Posters

Posters are used to make any space interior look captivating. Decorating your rooms with posters can affect the atmosphere and beauty differently. Posters can add a theme that the viewers will love. If you are looking for fun and exciting ways to add life to your home, posters help you achieve your goals. 

What poster to display?

Decorating spaces with posters is one of the most cost-efficient ways to make them appealing and inviting. Different styles, sizes, and themes are available, and they can personalize any room with style. Decorative posters can easily add life to any dull walls. 

There are three types of posters: text, graphic, and photographic. Each type has its respective impact on the interior. Typography posters are fantastic since many of them have motivational quotes. They can be placed in the office, living room, or even the kitchen. 

Any particular poster color and style?

Color and style are two essential elements that will complete the appearance of your interior. Not only that they add beauty to your home, but they also can set the mood and ambiance. As such, you need to select the right image and color scheme for the poster that will blend well with the room’s overall mood. 

For instance, a classic interior with wooden furniture pieces needs posters with warm colors to create a comfortable and cozy look. Nature-inspired or animal posters are also great for traditional or retro interiors. The Scandinavian design style is also enhanced with the display of abstract art. In addition, the room’s lighting is vital if you add style and a color scheme. You can always add artificial light to highlight certain parts or areas of your home. 

Where can we display the posters?

Before hanging the posters, it is vital to consider the size of the image. For example, large posters can be hung on a flat, empty wall with no other paintings or posters displayed. However, these days, large posters can be displayed along with several small prints. They can be arranged randomly or placed on a large-sized poster at the center. Graphic posters are usually placed next to black and white prints making them the room’s highlight. 

Wall decoration with posters has been done over the years. It is not a new idea. Even college students decorate the walls of their dorm rooms with posters of their favorite films or band! However, these days, posters in interior design are important to add to life to any dull wall. Homeowners practice democracy when choosing the poster design they want to display. Yet, not all designs are appropriate. Your home may already have an existing design style, and the art to display should be carefully chosen.

Posters As Home Decor

Gallery Wall art set Artsy Poster- 2

Aside from being used as a marketing or advertising tool in business, posters decorate a space’s interior. The display of posters is an easy way to add life to the walls. If you are looking for the right wall decor but are tight on the budget, prints will significantly help your home decorating project succeed. 

Great walls with posters

College dorm rooms are usually decorated with posters. Whatever their designs, whether it’s their favorite band or movie, they take pride in displaying these wall decors. 

You cannot just display prints the way you used to. We understand that they can make a lot of difference to the appearance of your walls. The good thing is there are exciting methods to make the interior look more wonderful and attractive.

Using posters is a simple and inexpensive way of adding decor to the walls. It is also one of the alternative ways to add beauty to the interior without getting bankrupt. They also bring your home interior to the next level. Creating a theme in your room will be quick and easy. There are a lot of pieces to choose from. Some designs will make your rooms look impressive, from sports to abstract art

The wall decor can also set and create a relaxing room atmosphere. If you have a modern interior design style, prints would be a perfect addition to have that comfortable feeling but still evoke an elegant touch. Another advantage of using them is that they can make your home decor more fun and exciting. 

Various ways to display posters

You will be amazed that decorating with posters is fun and easy. Here are some exciting ways to display them with that unique and eye-catching home interior:

  • Look around your place and decide on the number of prints you need. You may need one or two large or even a combination of small posters. In deciding on the right design, consider first the walls’ color and the decors already displayed. 
  • Decide on the final appearance of your room. Posters with cool colors, such as nature-inspired and a sky view, are recommended in the bedroom to help you relax and sleep well. Horizontal landscapes can also help create a visually larger space, especially in rooms with small windows. 
  • You can also opt to frame them. Frames can add beauty to the poster and the walls as well.
  • Look at the quality of the frames. Most of them have hooks that can be placed on a nail. If the frame is large and heavy, studs will be needed. Use proper leveling techniques for hanging.
  • Often, change the prints on your walls. They can be changed anytime you want. With this, you can also change the appearance of your space. For example, you can change the room’s theme whenever the season changes.
  • Every room in the house can be decorated with posters. For instance, food and drink prints can be added to the dining room or kitchen

Why Decorate Your Home?

Home decorations reveal your lifestyle, personality, passion, and many things about you. The decors that you choose for your home are reflections of your life. It may be optional, but many people still opt to decorate the interior and exterior of their homes. Why? 

As a start, home decorating helps you to personalize your space, which leaves an imprint on that space. In addition, it helps make your home inviting, comfortable, and cozy. 

A brief history of home decorating?

There are different reasons why people decorate their homes, and you may wonder when it all started. You would not believe that it all started during the prehistoric period. If we discuss everything that happened, then this article would not be enough. Archaeological excavations have been done to gain more knowledge about our past. It was also revealed that caves already had paintings on the walls during that period. This was the first wall art ever recorded. Cave dwellers draw all of their activities and experiences. From hunting for food and the accidental discovery of fire, cave paintings have given us vast knowledge of prehistoric life and civilization.

Ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians and Chinese, also decorated their interiors. Ancient pyramids in Egypt are filled with hieroglyphs and other symbols to tell the story of their civilization as well as to record history. Decors were also used to symbolize their culture and beliefs.

The selected few did modern home decoration. Wealthy people and noble people were the ones who could afford the materials needed to decorate their interiors. Tapestries and expensive trinkets were displayed as a status symbols. Eventually, these all turned around as decors like posters were mass-produced and became more affordable to the masses. As such, more homes can have interior decorations making them more inviting and cozy. This continued up to these days as more homes have decorations, both interior, and exterior. Thanks to the availability of modern technology and materials. 

Customized homes

Identity is vital to all humans, and the home is a perfect venue to showcase your personality. You have the freedom and flexibility to choose the color, design, and features you like. There are many ways how to personalize your homes. The display of particular decorative items, like posters and other wall decors, showcases who and what you are. Teenagers often display posters of their favorite artists. Sometimes to the point of covering the entire wall of their room with images of their favorite band, singers, actors, or actresses. 

Create a cozy home

Personalizing your home makes it more comfortable and inviting. You will have a calmer mind to focus on what you need to accomplish. People decorate because they have tons of choices available these days. Your home will have a look you wanted over the years.  

Increase the value

Are you planning to sell your house for a reasonable price? The interior of the house is as essential as the exterior. Nobody wants an ugly place, both the inside and the outside. Decorating the house and a few renovations will surely increase the resale value of your home. Make sure to decorate it from time to time so that by the time you decide to sell it, there will be little things to do. 

For special events

There are numerous events throughout the year. Decorating your home for these events will make the celebrations extra special. Your family will have a memorable celebration. 

It’s Not Too Late to Save Them

My pet in renaissance clothes no. 2 poster

Rescuing animals is a much-needed effort to protect animals that are in dangerous situations. In the Philippines alone, there are millions of dogs and cats roaming around the streets. In fact, many of them are seen limping and in not-so-good condition. Sad to say, this is a common sight in the country and many of them are euthanized or die of hunger, wounds, or diseases. Many animals are turned into shelters due to abandonment by owners, expensive health concerns, and others. 

Animal rescue vs. Animal shelter

The difference between the two is quite difficult to describe as their objectives coincide with each other’s goals. There tends to be flexibility surrounding the two terms. In general, “animal rescue” may even cover animal shelters as a subset of animal rescues. If you are talking about their difference, animal shelters tend to have facilities that house animals while animal rescues are typically foster-based organizations. Both types of organizations exist to help animals. 

Stray animals in the Philippines

According to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), having stray animals is caused by irresponsible pet ownership, owners not neutering their pets, and people still buying and breeding instead of adopting or fostering shelter and rescue animals. Commonly, stray animals are once domesticated and thrown out into the streets when the owners cannot afford to take care of them. In 2019, PAWS has reported about twelve million stray dogs and cats in the country. 

Dangers of having stray animals

It is a public health concern for having a large population of stray dogs and cats. Among the problems faced by many are dog bites, rabies, leptospirosis, cat scratch fever, and others. Stray animals may also cause disruption to the flow of traffic and the noise they cause because of territorial fights. Children may also die of rabies since they are more likely to conceal their bite wounds from their parents. According to the World Health Organization, often it is too late to save the lives of rabies victims. Patients usually die soon after the symptoms appear. 

The situation of animal shelters in the country

In other countries, COVID 19 pandemic has led people to adopt pets since they have more time to take care of them. However, the situation is different here in the Philippines. Many families have been forced to give up their pets due to the lack of funds. Animal shelters have been receiving rescue calls even though their resources are problematic. There were more animals in need of care since the pandemic struck the country. Various organizations also have mentioned that since the animal rescue rate is increasing, most shelters have become unsustainable and overpopulated. This is the main reason why animal protection organizations highly recommend adopting pets from shelters rather than buying from pet shops. You may have heard of these: “Adopt, Don’t Shop” and “Kapon, Hindi Tapon” advocacies. Hopefully, with these, the number of homeless cats and dogs will be decreased. 

Nowadays, many animal shelters are in peril because of the lack of resources that are needed to sustain their operations. Employees of private-owned shelters often shell some cash from their pockets to keep the organization afloat. Unfortunately, this is not sustainable and they are in dire need of our help. A little help goes a long way…

The Beauty of Industrial Design

Metropolitan area poster

Old factories and industrial spaces. Are they still appealing or a space that is considered musty, old, and creaky? The industrial design style is topping the news these days. Many homeowners and designers are transforming lofts and old buildings into beautiful living spaces including apartments and houses. 

When people think of the industrial design style, people think of oversized metal windows, unfinished wood, and visible bricks. Though the design style in urban areas, it is also employed in many rural places. So what does it take to achieve the design style? Here are some inspirations on how to be successful in decorating your home with the Industrial design style.

What is the Industrial style?

Industrial design style refers to the fuss-free interior appearance that is inspired by the lofty look of warehouses, factories, and industrial buildings. No need to be critical with finishings as bare bricks, metals, and untreated woods look appealing themselves. Designing the interior is as flexible as it can be. 

The style will allow you to customize the look with furniture and decor that can give a unique style. The most important thing is to create an interior that is cozy and comfortable. It is recommended to employ furniture pieces with simple design and upholstery in neutral colors and natural textures. 

A brief history

Experts believe that the Industrial design style started in the early 20th century. It has become more evident during the 2nd Industrial Revolution. A time when many factories closed and moved to different countries. As a result, many industrial structures were abandoned. Seeing this as an opportunity, architects and designers converted them into living spaces.

With the use of necessary elements, one can be successful in achieving the design style. The use of materials such as furniture made from wood, aluminum, iron, steel, tin, stone, and copper is encouraged. It is also common to see distressed metal elements, wooden floors, and bare steel beams. 

Decorating the walls to enhance the style

In addition to bare walls, visible pipes, rustic metals, and worn-out wood, the addition of industrial-inspired art will complete the design style. 

Trendy posters like nature-inspired prints, architecture posters, patterns, and classic art are great designs that can help achieve the style. These can also create cool and awesome wall art that can be the focal point of any room.

Poster art in black and white can set a comfortable and airy room that is expected in an industrial design style. Moreover, posters that feature various infrastructures, and industrial materials are highly recommended if you want to be successful with your interior decorating project. 

What makes the design style more fun and exciting is the fact that your imagination and creativity will be harnessed. It does not need to be costly to decorate. You can start with material that can be seen in your storage rooms and trendy and affordable art that can finish the job.

Dog Decorating Ideas For Your Home

My pet in general suit poster

If you love dogs then it is the right time to give your home a boost with dog-inspired decoration. Incorporating your fur babies into your decor is one of the fun and exciting ways to show your love and give your home a fantastic appearance. Whether adding dog figurines or the best photo of your pet, these decors can easily level up your home’s interior. 

Pawsome photos

If you are like any other dog parent, most likely, you have a collection of photos of your fur baby. Why keep them in your album or in your mobile devices when you can have them displayed. Choose your favorite images, such as a dog in a new bandana walking around the neighborhood, or that day at the beach. If you cannot choose from what you have, then it’s time to practice your photography skills and start shooting some professional-grade photos. 

Create a captivating wall art

This can be anything, from a single photo to a photo collage. The idea is to transform a wall into an eye-catching spot in your room. If you are unsure how to create it, you can check online for design ideas. Dog wall art may serve as a fun and exciting conversation starter with your guests. Create wall art in the living room, family room, or study room. 

DIY Dog Decor 

Now, this is something that will bring out the best in your creativity. The truth is that there are tons of ideas to use when it comes to DIY projects, and you will surely be overwhelmed by them. Try some of them and you will surely love them! Here are some examples.

  • Dog cushion – just like us, our dogs also love to have a comfortable spot to rest. You can make your own cushion by sewing fabric around an old bed pillow. After creating one, you can place it on their favorite spot.
  • All-in-one hanger – need an organizer for your dog’s walking supplies? Get a wooden board, smoothen them, paint if you want, and add hooks to hold your pet’s collar and leash.
  • Toy chest – buy a wooden crate that is big enough for your dog’s toys and other belongings. Paint it in a color that matches your home’s decor so that it will not be an eyesore in your home.

Spruce up your office

Whether you are working at home or on-site, a little inspiration will not hurt. There are a lot of items you can display, such as a personalized dog poster, mugs, doormats, paperweight, or a clock. 

Decorate your walls

There are many wall coverings available in the market these days. Dog wallpaper is one of the strong elements that can add style to your home. Designs may also vary that can enhance the theme of your interior. There are likewise cartoonish designs that can be displayed in the kids’ room. 

Wooden dog signs

Wooden dog signs add a rustic twist to any part of your home. Add them to the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and any other popular location.