Shade on blue background poster

Shade on blue background poster in a black frame

Awesome view of architecture in cool and muted colors. This poster art will add style to your home and perfect if you are planning to incorporate a Scandinavian or minimalist interior design style.

Flat view from a distance Poster

Flat view from a distance Poster

Impressive architecture as seen from the bottom. This is a poster art that will add style and character to your home. Upgrade your walls with trendy and affordable posters from artdesign.

Worms eye view of house Poster

Worms eye view of house poster in a black frame

Magnificent architecture of a house as seen from the bottom. A cool poster that will make a wonderful accent on your walls. Display this art anywhere in your house and be able to set a vibrant and lively atmosphere that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Creative Ways To Showcase Large Posters

Trevi Fountain poster in interior

Poster shops offer prints in different sizes and designs. The display of these wall decors is one of the convenient ways to create a room that is appealing and stimulating. This is also true with large posters as they can become the focal point of your room. 

The use of posters emerged in the 1700s and many companies utilized this tool in promoting their businesses. With the creativity of Jules Cheret, he immortalized the concept and importance of posters in different means. Posters that feature various artworks must not be kept in the dark. They need to be displayed to transform the overall appearance of your rooms. 

Large posters that feature different themes can be displayed in your rooms to make the interior look more interesting and compelling. In addition to these, large posters can also help create a theme that is appropriate for your interior design style. Read on to lean more about large posters and how to display them to add beauty to your walls. 

Attractive wall gallery in your home

Posters come in different designs and can be from retro to contemporary art. In many instances, posters are just displayed in whatever way possible. The fact is that there are creative ways to display posters, especially large ones without destroying the visual appeal of the wall. 

Posters also come in different sizes. If you are planning to maximize the use of your walls, then creating a wall gallery is one of the innovative ways to display your posters. Wall gallery can be created by planning the right layout. The prints must be able to blend well with the theme of the room as well as the color scheme. A wall gallery with posters of the same size appear clean and sophisticated.

When it comes to the display of large posters, it is highly recommended to let them stand alone on a wall. For example, images of the city skyline or any architectural structure can be the focal point of the living room or the foyer. Large posters can be displayed easily. Place them on the wall and mark the corners lightly with a pencil. Cover the back of the poster with a decoupage medium. With the use of dry cloth, smoothen any bubble formation. Once the decoupage is completely dry, paint over several coats of polyurethane over the background wall.

You may also opt to cut the large poster into smaller squares. Use small frames for each square and arrange them on the wall to create a wall gallery. The frames should preferably be of the same size, style, and color. 

Large posters as room focal point

Focal point is described as an object in a room that catches the attention of anyone. The object can be anything, from a large flower vase to an interesting artwork. In many homes, walls are only painted in plain and neutral colors. The display of a large poster can instantly add life to your wall and to the entire room. 

You can choose from different designs that are offered by poster shops. In artdesign, there is a wide range of attractive designs that can make any room look vibrant. Some of the popular designs that can be displayed in large prints are images of landscape, nature, architecture, and tourist destinations. These designs will surely create a focal point that is worth flaunting in your social media. 

Impressive Wall Art With Minimalist Poster Prints

Pool with filter poster in interior

Over the years, minimalist wall art is preferred by many individuals as an element for their interior. It has also been shown in several studies that there are numerous benefits that one can gain from minimalist wall art and minimalist related items. Achieving the design style is not that easy, but with the help of different materials and minimalist themed posters by artdesign, creating a cool and calming space will just be a breeze.

Beauty In Simplicity

To be a minimalist, many believe that you should be able to do away with the unnecessary things in life. For instance, the absence of own vehicle and shelter, living with only fewer possessions, no career, and should live in isolated places. These are not necessary! Minimalism is not about sacrificing happiness just to shout to the world that you have a simple life. It is all about assisting you in finding freedom in every aspect of your life, such as fear, depression, and stress. Minimalism is about making decisions more consciously and more deliberately. 

Many experts believe that minimalism has a great impact on human psychology. It can promote self-confidence, minimize stress, better health, more freedom and time, tranquil mind, a better relationship, greater purpose, and extra savings. 

Just like in any design style, minimalism will not exactly make you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong as many influences can affect an individual. Minimalism is a tool in helping people live a happier, contented, and calmer way of life. 

Minimalist Wall Art For A Calmer Mind and Body

Minimalist is used in different fields, such as music, art, construction, and design. It is a style that employs pared-down elements. Historically, this design style started after the Second World War. Popular artists during that period reduced different aspects of modernism and the reaction against abstract. Minimalism was first observed in art in 1960 in New York. This is when many artists moved toward geometric abstractions through paintings and sculptures.

The term “minimalism” was first used in design and architecture as a trend wherein the necessary elements were reduced. There was an emphasis on the connection between two perfects planes, lighting, and others. The Japanese traditional design and architecture have a great influence on the style wherein the appearances were simplified. The objective of the design style is for a single element to have multiple purposes. For instance, a bed can have other functions such as a storage space, in addition to its original function. 

Wall art with the use of minimalist themed posters is one of the solutions in making the room look more extraordinary. Choosing the right wall art may have different factors like colors, focal points, and personalization. Minimalist wall art is one of the popular choices in decorating the room. Minimalist themed posters can create dramatic transformations to the interior as they can be wonderful backdrops for the furniture pieces. 

The minimalist themed poster prints of artdesign are interesting and exciting. They are not loud and they can easily blend any plain colored walls. Think of them like hearing whispers when they are displayed on your walls. These poster prints can also be the focal point of the room as they enhance the simple yet striking overall design of the room. 

The Bold Appeal Of Industrial Design Style

Trevi Fountain poster in interior

Old factories and industrial spaces. Are they still appealing or a space that is considered musty, old, and creaky? The industrial design style is topping the news these days. Many homeowners and designers are transforming lofts and old buildings into beautiful living spaces including apartments and houses. 

When people think of the industrial design style, people think of oversized metal windows, unfinished wood, and visible bricks. Though the design style in urban areas, it is also employed in many rural places. So what does it take to achieve the design style? Here are some inspirations on how to be successful in decorating your home with the Industrial design style.

The Meaning Of Industrial Style

Industrial design style refers to the fuss-free interior appearance that is inspired by the lofty look of warehouses, factories, and industrial buildings. No need to be critical with finishing as bare bricks, metals and untreated woods look appealing themselves. Designing the interior is as flexible as it can be. 

The style will allow you to customize the look with furniture and decor that can give a unique style. The most important thing is to create an interior that is cozy and comfortable. It is recommended to employ furniture pieces with simple design and upholstery in neutral colors and natural textures. 

How It All Began

Experts believe that the Industrial design style started in the early 20th century. It has become more evident during the 2nd Industrial Revolution. A time when many factories closed and moved to different countries. As a result, many industrial structures were abandoned. Seeing this as an opportunity, architects and designers converted them into living spaces.

With the use of necessary elements, one can be successful in achieving the design style. The use of materials such as furniture made from wood, aluminum, iron, steel, tin, stone, and copper are encouraged. It is also common to see distressed metal elements, wooden floors, and bare steel beams. 

Create A Vibrant Wall with Industrial Inspired Art

In addition to bare walls, visible pipes, rustic metals, and worn-out wood, the addition of industrial-inspired art will complete the design style. Artdesign has a beautiful industrial-inspired poster print collection that will satisfy your cravings. The poster prints have elements that will help enhance the industrial design style of your home. 

Trendy poster art like Skyscraper Empire State is a marvelous image that can help achieve the design style. Affordable art by artdesign can also create cool and awesome wall art that can be the focal point of any room.

Poster art in black and white can set a comfortable and airy room that is expected in an industrial design style. Moreover, poster prints that feature various infrastructures, industrial materials are highly recommended if you want to be successful with your interior decorating project. 

What makes the design style more fun and exciting is the fact that your imagination and creativity will be harnessed. It does not need to be costly to decorate. You can start with material that can be seen in your storage rooms and trendy and affordable art that can finish the job.

Japanese Design Style Ideas That You Will Love

Plants on window poster

One of the most loved interior design styles. The Japanese design style evokes comfort and probably one of the most exotic design styles. Achieving the design style needs careful planning and creativity. Our poster designs will help you be successful in your interior decorating project. We have trendy and affordable art that will complete the Japanese design style for your home. 

The beauty of the Japanese design style

Many interior design styles nowadays are inspired by other styles. Little did we know that the minimalist architecture and interior design that we know today are inspired by the Japanese traditional design style. Several factors need to be considered to successfully achieve the style. Examples are line, form, space, light, and material. 

In the Japanese design style, space is opened with the absence of nonessential walls to allow the free flow of energy within the rooms. As such, only the important elements are included for a clean and uncluttered living. The Japanese interior design style mainly focused on balance, order, ancient costumes, and the beauty of nature. 

Principles of the Japanese style

Achieving the Japanese interior design style may be quite challenging. But, once you bring the design style to your home, the feeling can be heavenly. The appearance of the design style these days encompasses both modern and traditional styles. Here are the principles that need to be considered when adding the interior design style in your home:

  • Simplicity – this is one of the values that are important for the Japanese. Clutter is not to be seen anywhere and that the use of decors is at the minimum.
  • Colors – the use of natural colors is encouraged as inspired by natural materials.
  • Diffused light – make use of natural light sources that can reach the interior through shoji screens.
  • Privacy – shoji or paper screens allow light into the room while offering privacy.
  • Natural materials – the design style also encourages the use of natural materials like fine woods, bamboo, silk, rice straw mats, and paper.
  • Flexibility – the style also efficiently uses resources that are common in the Japanese culture. In addition to this, the rooms and their parts have multiple functions and the use of the space is maximized. 

Modern Japanese interior that you will love

Just like the traditional interior design style, the modern style highly focuses on minimalist, clean, uncluttered living, balance, culture, and nature. Plants that are popular in Japanese culture are also incorporated. Examples are bonsai and bamboo. The sound of water is also common in the design style as this gives a calming effect. As such, tubs or ponds are incorporated to give the Zen effect. 

Moreover, the display of posters is one of the easiest and fastest ways to add beauty to your walls. There are also different poster designs available that can help create the Zen effect of the Japanese interior design style. Posters that are nature-inspired are highly recommended as they add a touch of nature thus making the interior look more refreshing and relaxing. 

The posters can be displayed in any room to help achieve the Japanese design style. In addition to posters of plants and florals, you may also opt to display prints of the sea and mountains. These will likewise evoke the same calming effects as those of plants and florals. Any nature-inspired prints will do the trick. 

Top Interior Design Styles Of The Next Decade

Abstract shapes ang texture no.1 Poster

2020 has been a tiring and stressful year for all of us. Covid-19 has really changed our way of life as well as the future of several industries such as the design and construction industry. In fact, people in these fields may be unsure of what will happen in the succeeding years. However uncertain the future is, there is still a big hope that everything will be back to normal or even better than what we were used to.

Since many of us prefer to stay home to avoid the dreaded disease, we may have more time to upgrade the appearance of our homes. Here are the top 10 trends in interior design that you may use in the next decade.

Green is still in 

Over the years, the use of indoor plants has shaped different concepts in design. Oversized plants, for instance, have been one of the popular choices of many designers. The goal is to add a touch of nature to keep the homeowners connected with the environment. This design has proven to provide many benefits, particularly to the overall health. Any elements of nature can be added not only to make the interior look cool but also to make you feel great.

Furniture made of natural materials

Furniture pieces that are made from natural materials such as rattan and wicker are growing in popularity these days. They add to the rustic feel of the home and likewise help in making it look more comfortable and airy. These materials are usually used in manufacturing tables, chairs, carpets, and others. The good thing about these materials is that they can also create a modern-looking room interior. 

Avoid open-plans in the meantime

While it is true that open spaces provide a comfy and homey feeling, this may not be appealing these days. The idea is to create defined spaces while maintaining the fluidity and coherence between the rooms. This can be achieved with the use of windows and strategic sightlines. 

Arches add elegance to your homes

Archways may be an old architectural design. But still, the structure is preferred by many homeowners and designers. It is one of the trendy ways to add curves and shapes to your interior. Arches can also be designed with the use of paint or posters that feature arches. 

Study or work areas

Since many people stay at home for work or school, creating a nook for work and learning is a necessity. Create a nook that is not too formal and that can blend well with the other appearance of the rooms. Study or work nooks can be integrated with larger furniture pieces such as within closets or bookshelves.

Stairs and storage areas

One of the innovative and creative ways to make use of the space under the stairs is to utilize it. Space can be used as a storage area where you can keep all your personal belongings to avoid the accumulation of clutter. 

Multicolored bathrooms

It is common to see bathroom walls in plain and neutral colors. Making a colorful bathroom can be fun and exciting. This is also one of the ways to add life and beauty to the interior of the room. With the use of multicolored tiles, you can create a lively bathroom where you can enjoy your different personal hygiene activities.

How To Display Your Posters

black poster frame from artdesign

Posters come in different designs and sizes. The display of trendy and stylish posters is one of the fastest ways to make the wall appear fun and exciting. With this work of art displayed properly, they can help you create a memorable focal point that will be adored by anyone who sees them. Here are some ideas on how to display posters and create a compelling wall decoration that you will never forget. 

Brief introduction of posters

The popularity of posters started in the late 1700s. Since then, many companies and groups have changed their ways of promoting their products, services, and events. Jules Cheret has changed the concept of posters that many have adapted. From an advertising medium, posters were then used as an art form. Artistically designed posters need not be hidden in the storage. They must be displayed to decorate any plain and simple-looking walls. 

Simple tips to display your trendy poster art

Posters can be displayed in different ways. For instance, large posters that feature landscape, city skylines, architectural designs, and scenic landscapes can be displayed in the living room or the foyer. These can simply be displayed by marking the corners lightly with a pencil and by covering the back of the poster with decoupage. Any bubbles can easily be removed with the use of cloth.

Many homeowners display posters with the use of tacks, double-sided tape, or poster gum. As these methods may attract the public, it is also recommended to mount the posters before displaying them on the walls for them to look more appealing and presentable. 

Here are simple steps to follow to mount your posters:

Tools needed:

Acid-free foam core, a few inches larger than the poster

Spray adhesive


Thin strips of wooden molding

Hand saw

Utility knife


Eye screws and picture hanging wire

Easy steps to follow:

  1. Spread old newspapers on the floor or any flat surface and lay out the foam core and poster. Spray the foam core with adhesive and firmly press the poster on the foam core. 
  2. Remove the excess foam core with the use of a straightedge and utility knife. 
  3. Attach a cradle that will stabilize the mounted poster in either direction. You can use thin wooden trim or moldings to do this.
  4. Allow the mounted poster to dry and create pilot holes in the molding behind the poster with the use of tacks or nails. These holes will be where the screws will be attached. 
  5. Attach a loop of wire before hanging the mounted poster.

There are also available DIY kits that will help you mount your posters. These kits are complete with frames, acrylic glass, screws, and other materials needed for mounting. 

Displaying the poster

There is no strict rule when it comes to the area where posters need to be displayed. In general, you can display them on any wall where you think decorations are needed. If you are new to the room or space, there are many areas where you can hang your poster art. 

Mounted posters are not only functional. They can also create attractive wall art. In addition to these, the posters can also help you set the right atmosphere for your home. 

Our lady of Paris Poster

Our lady of paris poster

A poster of one of the famous cathedrals in the hsitory of mankind. The Notre Dame cathedral has been a popular landmark and tourist destinations of France. With superb architecture, it is a majestic structure in the heart of Paris. Our Lady of Paris poster will be a wonderful addition to your wall as it can serve as an inspiration for tourists. In simple and attractive image, it can create a cool and wonderful wall art that will be loved by your family and friends.